Support material for PETG?



My name's Javier and I have a home-made Prusa I3 clone with dual extrusion and Marlin 1.1.8


I used to print using ABS but I found that a nightmare due to warp and some other issues so I moved to PETG (I never used PLA as I print mechanical parts and I read PLA is not good for that).


The thing is that when I print parts with supports, the quality of my prints is not good. PETG sticks a lot to itself so removing the support material leads to a poor quality.


Due to that, I tried with PVA and PLA as support materials but with no success (PETG won't stick), which is funny because I managed to print a dual material cone with PEGT + PLA with no problem.


So I was just wandering if there is a material (or configuration) that could be used as PETG support. I googled it a lot but, unfortunately, I found nothing :/


Thank you very much in advance.




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