Weighted completion rate

Hi all,


I've had several orders which either me or the customer cancelled with a valid reason: "customer isn't interested anymore". Which is fine by me, this can happen because of a number of reasons.


The problem I found is, it impacts the "Weighted completion rate" metric on the dashboard.

My percentage rate is going down. Today for example, because yesterday a customer cancelled the order.

Why is that? I think completion rate should be calculaated on the amount of orders you can actually complete and satisfy the customer for only the orders you have to print.


Any thoughts?




i am at 93% currently, It has not affected my orders coming in. It bounces around depending on what all comes in for orders. sometimes its up to 98%. I have spoke to support and they said its not really a big issue. Which I tend to agree with after having it as a visible metric for last few months.


Theres always going to be some orders that just arent printable or the customer stops responding. The only thing that is bad is when the customer pays for the order and then you cancel it. Those are the orders you dont want to have happen.


If you are really worried and someone places multiple orders with you on accident when they only wanted one you could split up the order across those if possible. Then they are all completed and no cancels.


I've brought this up with 3Dhubs before via email.  I was essentially told that all hubs face this issue so they aren't going to do anything about it.  Just recently I had a client place two orders when they only meant to place one (fair enough, mistakes happen).  Of course this effects my completion score but there's not much you can do about it

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