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Hi! For my graduation project I am looking for a special 3D printer. For the production of a large installation I especially need a wide x and y axis. Anything from 1 meter x 1 meter is interesting to me. In height I am only printing a few millimeters. I already found a Big Rep in the Netherlands, and 10XL. But they mostly have no time available on their machines.
I have a Monoprice Maker select v2 and I am trying to set it up, but I got to step 14, which is: loosen the nut at each corner of the baseplate until it is almost touching the nozzle. Do the same at each corner. That worked for the bottom left corner, but no matter how much I tighten both right corners, the nozzle still scrapes the plate when I move it to those corners.
hi, my stuff that printed out looks like this, can anybody figured it out what's wrong with my settings?   Settings: layer thickness:0.200mm, extrusion width:0.375mm, filament flow:100%, print speed:30mm/s, retraction amount:2mm, retraction speed:6mm/s, minimal travel before retraction:1mm, retraction z-hop 0.150mm, temp. 205degree, heated bed off printer: M3D pro slicer:M3D material: PLA  
Okay let me start out with my origin of any error at all.  I have a flash forge creator pro 2016 model which worked perfectly up until my buddy did the microswiss hot end upgrade so we could attempt hotter temp filaments.  After completing the swap I got the ugly tool head 1 error.  I replaced the thermistor and heater tube and put back together.  No longer have a tool head 1 error, so far so good
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FOR SALE!! Makerbot MightyBoard Rev H for the Replicator 2/2xThis board has been fully tested as working, drop in replacement. Note:  I have been getting some questions on these, if you have a Rev G board you CAN swap with a Rev H board, HOWEVER, the difference is the power connector.  The Rev G board has a female socket and the plug is a male, on the Rev H the socket is the male and the power ada
I have a problem with the first layer not adhering to the bed correctly. I typically use a brim, and it almost never lays down correctly. I thought it was a moisture problem with my filament, but I just cracked open a new roll and I'm still having the same issue. Unless I print a really large print, I can't get it to stick. I've releveled many times. 
Hello! I am a newb, I ordered a better printer on ebay but they sent me this CTC thing! so i agreed a discount. But basically i have had no luck getting the filament sticking, ive now added a glass bed, and using some hairspray to try make it stick, but here is what is happening.   im using RigidInk 1.75mm and Simplify3d, but i dont really know what setting to use!