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Today I ran into a problem with the stepping motor on my Wanhao I3 plus. I was printing a model last night and it printed perfectly but when I went to do another model this morning it didn't print. the filament was not being pulled through. I took the fan off so that I could get a look inside and there was nothing blocking it.
I've been trying to force these objects/barrels to print with a solid knurled end but my printer keeps seeing the objects as hollow no matter what i put the infill at 100% or not and I don't seem to have the software to fill them.  Can you look at these and tell me what it would take to force the knurled end to print solidly?  Any help appreciated as well, not looking for a handout and I'm very in
Hi, We are using eden 260vs. While printing 3 hour job, machine got stopped after 2 hour. We got the error which i mentioned.  I check the stl file quality and stl file triangles. Everything is good. Kindly let me know the root cause and let me know your suggestions.  
When Cura says that a print is estimated to need 19.2m, but once the print is done my calculations say that it actually took 30.1m, what am I to go by?? I have an Omni 3D (Anet clone) A8. I write down the “filament used” before & after a print and get numbers that are not even close to what Cura says. Print-time is within reason. Thanks in advance for any inputJeff
 Hello, Fairly new to 3-D printing. I have printed with PLA very successfully but not so much with ABS. I have heard that some of the polycarbonate blends print much better than ABS, but I don’t know if the creator pro can print polycarbonate right out of the box due to the higher temperatures. Does anybody have any experience With this?
One of my only successful 3D prints in 8 months
I have owned the Flashforge Finder 3D printer since June 2017 and am very impressed with the print quality however almost every object that I have printed in PLA has warped. Here are the adhesion methods I have tried:   Blue tape: first layer fell off immediately and stuck to nozzle   Blue surface that came with printer: first layer did not stick at all  
I am looking for some help. I recently purchased a FF Creator Pro. On the SD card there are some prints I can make, and they make without a problem. The problem I am having, I downloaded "Baby Groot" from Guardians Of The Galaxy to try and print. This is where the problems start. I load it to Flashprint, it shows to be sitting in the middle of the box, I get no errors when I click print.
Hi, first time on here! Hope someone can help me with a critical deadline. So I'm trying to 3D print a model wall for an architecture project, having originally modeled in Rhino. In Rhino it's comprised of several closed polysurfaces (some of the parts were unable to be joined to the main wall) but the tech at our uni has confirmed it should be 3D printable.
I bought a dual head upgrade kit / he3d k200 / but for some reason the second extruder does not heat only the 1st. I have booted out the hot ends and worked separately. I do not know what the problem is. I use repetier 2.0.     
Hello guys, i have an issue with( what i guess) is the s3d settings. I am attempting a print (on a cr-10)for a personal project, and the same model prints well in cura but really bad in s3d(i am using a good profile. settings here Printer calibrated, benchy prints out great. In the photo attached top is cura, bottom is s3d. Any thoughts?
Hello, I read that 3D printers with an enclosure is better for health as they prevent the fume from spreading around the room. I cannot understand the validity of this statement because as soon as the user opens the door to take out the printout, the fume comes out from the printer and spread across the room. So, why having an enclosure is better for health?
I printed this on the select mini V2
I seem to have a problem with my printer printing thin walls in things such as base mode or just thin walls on the benchy like the smokestack. For some reason the extruder will travel twice as fast as it can actually lay down plastic and kind of makes a weird spider web looking thing because it doesn't lay down all the layers just kind of like it skips every other one.
Hello my printer came with the heat bed thermometer unsoldered to it. Can someone please send a picture or diagram of this working? My printer will not print without this attached correctly it just keeps saying heater decoupled. Additionally I cant seem to get the filament to extrude. Im unsure wether the issues are related or not. 
Hi guys, My stepper drivers keep on overheating. I think this is because of the absurdly high number of steps per mm (3200). the problem I got is that my stepper drivers are built in so I don't know what jumper the microsteps are. I couldn't find anything on the internet about it so this is my last hope. I really hope one of you can help me with it.
I have a question regarding the Tevo product the Slinky hosepipe. It is 2 years old. Was not used for 6 months & stored in my garage, due to water restrictions. Now when I turn the water on, it leaks like a spray from myriad tiny holes all over the hose pipe. Why does this happen. Can this hose leaks be fixed.