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I just received the parts for my Anycubic i3 that malfunctioned the first day. Part of what snapped was the metal that threads into the extruder. the Bowden clip and the little metal toothed washer  were also damaged. So I would like some help with, how do I reassemble it? I know to screw the metal holder into the extruder. What is the next step?  Does the washer go on before or around the clip.
Hello,   My daughter has some natural rubber bath toys that she loves and I was hoping to print some more toys for her.    Obviously, there is no natural rubber filament, but are there any with the look/feel of it?   Specifically are there any natural based flexible filaments? I have seen some clean alternatives for PLA or ABS, but none yet for flexible materials. 
This is the top page of heymesh
Hi, everybody!    We've just launched a 3D model search engine for AR/VR and game creators!   It helps you find perfect 3D models by these features.   - Search across 10+ 3D model websites- Access to 1.5M models / 50x more models than Unity Asset sore- Filter by license type- Filter by 10+ specs from poly counts to file formats   I hope you guys try it out!
I just bought my first printer, the any-cubic kossle (pulley version) and im having a lot of problems leveling the bed/ nozzle. ive read the manual and it says to "tighten the screws at the top of the 3  carages (that holds the belts and travels up and down the 3 rods) to make the nozzle closer to the bed and loosen to raise it from the bed". ive done that but to no avail.
I am experiencing a problem with my Monoprice select mini. It has worked like a charm since I bought it 6 months ago. Today it started a job and went to the start point and stayed there and made a noise but didn't move.  I cancelled the print and homed the printhead and it finished up pushing down the metal plate and stayed in a depressed mode.
Hello guys I'm kinda new using makerbot print and I've been trying to print this 3D model made in sketchUp... problem is that the software seems to create weird geometry by itself (like the attached picture) when I press "print preview" but on the "model view" everything seems to be fine?? HELP PLEASEE