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Hi,   Im hoping this is the right place to get some help. Im a total noob to 3D printing, i have about 15 years IT experience and can decipher most technical things but this is twisting my mellon.......   I built my A8 over the Christmas period and got it assembled and all fired up. Thats when i noticed some odd things happening.   
I wanna design a gyroscope for my SPOT device. I did the circles, but I could not hold them. Bir jiroskop tasarımı için hileler nelerdir? How can I hold the rings together with using conics or paraboloits ?   Thank you.
printing black resin
*/ I am selling my like-new Formlabs Form1+ printer.  I bought the printer brand new in March 2015 because of its ability to produce highly detailed prints, I require a 3d printer now more for larger formatting printing. I would like to find someone who will use it and benefit from this SLA printer. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.   Includes the following: (1) Formlabs Form1+ 3D Printer
Homebuilt I3 that has been running fine with lots of printing for the past two years.  Last week it started printing everything a little over half size.  I figured the program got corrupted so I resent and retested.  Same thing.  Put a new Mega and Ramps board plus all new drivers.  Took time to carefully calibrate the current, retested and same thing.  Tried Cura 2.6.2, Slicr 1.33.8 and repetier
So i have a chance to become the new owner of a Stratasys Dimension Elite. The machine is 10 years old, but looks to be fully operational with no issues. after some Googling, they seem to be extremely reliable. But, I am worried about not being able to purchase the machine specific material and support material. as well as the support material cleaning solution.
I downloded the lastest firmware recommended by Anycubic and followed the steps to put it on the 3D printer.I also did the auto leveling after installing the firmware.I am having issues, here is a video: you can see it prints too low in some areas and up in the air in other areas.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!