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I'm new to the 3D printing community. I've completed a couple of prints, but none have been 100% perfect. Most recent is this t-rex model I'm trying to print. The issue seems to be the bottom layers aren't smooth. They are rough like there is extra material. I'm using a MP Select Mini v 2 and slicing my model with Cura 3.0. The bed is level. I'm using Hatchbox PLA filament.
so i have a flashforge finder, during a print the filament stopped coming out of the extruder, it continue to move, but the filament was not coming out, when i unloaded and reloaded the filament it would come out of the extruder, (tho it takes a bit more than force to get it to come out than before) the filament comes out, but when i would start a print job it would come out, it would when i would
FlashForge Creator Pro 2015 Model I searched the forum before posting but came back empty. So I upgraded my left extruder to the Micro Swiss all metal hot end (MK10) now I'm wondering if anyone in this forum with the same printer has successfully printed PC+PBT filament on their printer and is willing to share their experience with all of us. 
I'm looking for advice on my first 3D printer that I'll be using for hobby engineering-related dev: abs and exotics/composites. The budget is between $1500 and $3000 USD. Is there a model I'm missing from my list (below) that I should look at?   I've read tons of reviews on here and other sites, here is what I'm hoping for: - reliable part sticking to platform
(I apologize for misspellings, english is my second language)   I found a box with some 3dprinter parts in it, my dad told me that, he had bought the parts, many years ago, but forgot everything about it, long story short, he have lost interest, so now it's to me, to build it, but there is a problem, i dont know anything about 3dprinter and definitely not anything about how to build them.  
Hello,    I'll start off by saying that I've spent hours trying to figure this out. I bought a new melzi board off ebay, because I had an issue with the previous one for my Mendel Prusa i2. So once it came, I got an Arduino Nano and followed various instructions on how to install firmware onto the Melzi board via the Arduino programmed as an ISP.    The Basic steps are:  
Hi, I’m pretty new to the whole 3D printing scene. I have a model which was created in blender, I then export it as an stl and import it into Meshmixer to add supports. I’m planning on sla printing it. However, when I upload it to 3dhubs or even import it back into blender, the quality changes and all the smooth edges go? It looks very blocky. How do I fix this?   Thanks
Hello, I recently purchased the Fluson I3 Dual Extruder Plus touch LCD. I was able to properly assemble the printer (even with very VERY lacking instructions). However I am stuck with the firmware. I want my printer to be able to Dual print, Thats why i bought the DUAL extruder. but the firmware came pre-loaded with only a single extruder.