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Can somebody please point me in the right direction. My Wanhao i3 hot end is turning off at random times during a print, sometimes it reheats but other times it stays off. Changed cartridge heater and have same problem. Checked voltage to heater and 0 volts from supply when cooling down. The thermistor seems to be working but may change anyway. Any ideas would be greatly received. Thanks   
laser diode and laser fan on one side, input power from brick and PWM control on other side
I've purchased a laser diode (allegedly 15W) from ebay.  It came with its own power unit and a power brick and a JST connection to add the signals for the laser.   I've tried plugging the JST into the connection for the two fan connections and its either off or always on.   My printer works fine but not sure how to connect the laser. 
Gaps in walls and gaps between layers
Hi there. My printer used to print things near perfectly. (Anet A6). There were vertical lines, but I seem to have fixed that. The problem is, there's gaps at random spots, or layers that aren't connected. I've tried re-levelling my bed, multiple times, tightening screws, tightening X and Y axis, lubing up Z axis, using printer menu to configure x-y-z jerk and testing things in cura.
So I have had pretty flawless results with my play up till now, had it about a year, not to heavily used. I use it for prototyping in my Shop class (I am a high school shop teacher) and right now  I have been prototyping spinner buttons for a machined spinner the kids are making. The first few came out ok but now I am having print issues and it got progressively worse.