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Hey I have recently bought a kossel mini I put it together and all the connections seem to be correct when I turned it on the first thing I did was auto level it but the z axis just activated and will not stop even if it hits the end stop (end stops work) I switched the software to marlin and that dident work. If I plug a diffrent motor into the z axis plug that motor will do the same thing.
I have a relatively new Monoprice mini v2.  We printed the cat, and I generated some gcode with Cura (3.1.0) which also printed OK.  I generated another, and when I print it, the extruder and plate heat up, but just sits at the home location.  The progress bar moves along as if it's doing something, but it never does anything.  The temps hit their settings, too.  
My new 10 Mini is a DOA as the unit thinks the bed is too hot and waits forever for it to cool. At room temp the bed is showing as 79 deg C, even with the connector for the bed thermistor pulled. Is this a normal value, inidcating the bed thermistor is open-circuit? Can somebody pull the bed connector on a 10, 10S or Mini and let me know what the bed-temp readout on the LCD says? Thanks !
Hi, recently new to 3d printing, built the Anet A8 at Christmas and so far have only been working with PLA.   Have been very happy with the results   I have been reading that Annealing the printed item can make them much stronger but can cause shrinkage.   Can anyone say from experience if I should bother with annealing or look for a stronger material if I am looking for a stronger item ?  
Top Layer
Hi. Im new to the 3D printing world. Ive just finished building my first 3d printer, Tevo Tarantula. Everything seems to be working fine, but the print quality is really poor. Any thoughts how to improve these "imperfections"?. It has like these holes all over the print, and the top layer seems to vanish completely. Any ideas? Thanks  
Looking to sell Pre-Owned Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner / Original MSRP was $27,600.   Like NEW / Mint Condition  Asking $19,998   Comes with Pelican hard case (which it will ship in) Necessary cords to run scanner   Please message me for more details. email is visimagingusa (at) gmail (dot) com   Thank you for your time.
I am trying to print a hing in one piece. The gaps along the vertical faces are fine, however, the gaps on the top/bottom do not print correctly.    I simplified this model to just two rectangles on top of each other.   In the top/bottom gaps, there is a single solid layer, the infill, the gap, infill, then another layer. There should not be infill in these gaps.