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Today I switched out my brass nozzle for a hardened steel one so I could print some more abrasive filaments. I noticed that my prints began to de-laminate really easily after this upgrade. I increased my temps and that seamed to fix the issue.. Is that normal? Is steel just less thermally conductive and thus needing a higher temperature?   The picture is just my two nozzles side by side
Hello, I recently built a tarantula according to the official build guide video on youtube. The extruder and heat bed seem to be working fine, but the servos do not move at all. When I press "Home all axis" nothing happens, and x-y-z servos all set their current position as home. What might be the problem? Thank you.
Imprimante FDM Bi-matériaux
Cause sous-utilisation, vend imprimante 3D encore sous garantie - 6 mois. Prix : 2 000€ TTC avec 8 bobines neuves de 750g PS recycled de OWA, différentes couleurs. Contact : Description technique : . Imprimante 3D FDM Bi-matériaux / Bi-hotend, basée sur le projet MENDEL de REPRAP . Volume d’impression : 200 x 200 mm, hauteur = 120 mm, . Lit chauffant (MK2b),
I have recently purchased a TronXY X5S.  The build went fine, but now what?  There isn't a manual to speak of.  How do I load the filament? What temperature does the bed need to be?  What temperature does the nozzle need to be?  How do I zero the print nozzle.  Why won't it recognize the Obj. file on the "microscopic" SD card.
G'day Makers   I have an error that keeps coming up on one of the Guider IIS machines we have in the office. It has been happening for a while on certain files. It doesn't seem to do anything to the print until today when I came in and the print was paused but didn't return to the home position and was sitting where it finished off all heated up with the error "io session has timed out, GetURL"  
Hi, I'm VERY new to this and don't understand a lot of the tech-speak I see in here, trying to learn. What I am experiencing is that the back right leveling screw is ALL the way tightened, and the bed is still to high (hitting the extruder and jamming on the first layer.) So I think I need to lower the default height somehow and was wondering if I can do this without taking the whole thing apart?
Filament gets stuck in the pulling mechanism and curls underneath
Hello,   I recently bought a Maker Select V2, and oftentimes I see that my filament gets stuck inside the pulling mechanism and it curls underneath it (see attached picture). Can you help me figure out how to fix this? I am currently running @ 50mm/s (first 2 layers at 25 mm/s) and with a 195C nozzle / 55C bed temperatures. The filament I am using is a Dikale filament I bought on Amazon.