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Hey everybody,   so I've almost finished putting together my Tronxy X1 and hit a snag: I'm supposed to connect the extruder motor. I also have a cable for that. but there's nowhere to put it in on the extruder. The extruder itself also has a few cables coming out of it, but they're for power for the hotend and the thermostat, as well as the cooling fan.  
As I finish a print, I just saw that my bed temperature was 107ºC, even that I printed at 60ºC. As the nozzle heat was cooling, the bed stayed at 107ºC. I realized that it had some problem, then I tried to reconnect the bed sensor. Nothing happened. Then, reconnected the nozzle sensor, and appeared "def" on both of the Temperatures. I also checked the voltage of the nozzle sensor: 5v.
I own a Anet A8, and im looking to build my own printer I have designed a frame with T-slot Aluminum Extrusions, and V-slot aluminum extrusions (for linear motion). The total build volume is designed to be 12*12*12 (in) but I Can't find a Heated bed this size. Any recommendations, or solutions?
Quick question by a newbie here struggling with a 'stringy first layer'.   Just getting started with my Mini.  My first print (A) was using the included masking tape coated with a layer of glue stick adhesive, resulting in a nice base layer.   Subsequent prints (B) used blue painters tape and the glue stick, but the bottom layer is not great.  Sidewalls are still fine (C).   Any idea how to fix?
Hello everyone, i am a complete newbie to the 3D printing world.  I was offered  a FlashForge Creator X that is 4 years old with only 159 hours of use for $300.00. It also comes with 4 spools of filament. Would this be considered as a good deal? Is this machine reliable? Are the any upgrade i should consider?     Thank you!
Hello, I'm thinking of buying a 3D Printer because I got inspired by my Physics teacher who showed me his own, but I'm a little bit tight on my budget. After some research I found out 4 3D printers that are great for beginners and at an acceptable price. Which one would you recommend me? Thanks a lot, best regards! (EU plug please)