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Hey It's sunshine prototyping here again with somemore flexible material doing a hollow part is not as easy as you think took some prints but I got the hang of it.       Here's the settings that I used to makre this part:   Supports Density 1.0 Point size 1.80 No internal supports   Advanced settings Slope 1.00 Base thickness 1.25 Height above base 5.00  
Hi,   For a photography project that I do at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, I am looking for people with 'new professions' for a series of portraits. One of the professions is 3D printspecialist. I was wondering if any of you 3D printspecialist would like to participate in my project. The idea is to take a photograph of you while doing your work, or in your work environment, the 3Dprint shop?
Hi all,  Lately I've been getting this (sort of weird) error: I try to edit my printer settings, but when I click save, it goes to my hub profile and I get an error message: Oops, looks like this request tried to create an infinite loop. We do not allow such things here. We are a professional website!    Any idea why this is happening? Thanks!  
Hi Guys, hi 3DHubs,   I recently had a request to print a quite complex model. The model itself had 10.3cm^2, but I had to add another 13cm^2 for support structures. Not even this absolutely increased my print times, it also increased the material costs - it more than doubled it.   Which brings me to an interesting point...  
Hi guys,   I would like to show you my last creation. It's a Arduino UNO Portable Lab Case.   Since I bought my Arduino Starter Kit, I always wanted to design a portable ARDUINO case with an integrated Breadboard. A portable Arduino Lab that i can put in the bag and take it with me. It is a very stylish case, with a solid hinge and lock mechanism. It has two side holes to insert a wrist strap.  
HI all.....I thought the follow 3D Hubs enthusiasts would appreciate this:  We launched a Kickstarter on Autodesk Meshmixer which is (as of now) over 20 hours of training, with award levels starting (for the full course) around $25.  We think that's a great deal to learn this awesome software, and for the 3D Hubs crowd, even more so.  
Can you make a direct connection with an Ultimaker 2 on the USB port to print something? I understand you can throw a firmware update that way. What I really like to do is connect with my laptop and throw the files to the printer without the card shuffle Even better, I would like to get the printer under direct control of my own software throwing gcode which then is executed by the UM2  
Hi all, I'd love some input.  Here's Marvin printed on a Prusa Iv3, sliced with slic3r, .06 layers and printed about 50 mm/s if I remember correctly.  I had one of the rafts stick to the leg, but it came off with a razor blade.  The key chain loop turned into evil horns, and he looked to be wearing a cod-peice until I took a blade to that area as well.      
Hi guys, I've been helping a student for his jury and I'm short of Flex filament so i cannot finish the last parts that she needs in colors. If any of you have some time to offer, some experience in flex filament and a compatible 3d printer, feel free to offer help, that's also an opportunity to connect and stay in touch for future help :-)