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Hey guys,  It's been a while since we've heard from you! First of all do you have any feedback on 3D Hubs that you want to share? We're deploying new stuff and we need your brilliant feedback on this! Then, we haven't been in Copenhagen for a while and now, of course, we miss you. Is there any fair/event that we can attend soon?   Thanks guys! Simona -3D Hubs crew
Hi Team,   Have a request on your experience with filaments which are food safe (FDA approved for connection with food). My wife is a baker and started using couple cookie cutters I built with my new printer. I'm more an amateur and found out RioRand PLA to work best for my prints, see:  
Hi, I am needing someone to process 2 facial 3D images (taken with a 3D camera) and print them. At the moment they are flat surfaces, so I need some thickness added to them. Also, I think the size of the image is quite large (visual size, not the file) , so some resizing may need to be done. Is this possible? I have attached the image here
Hola Madrileños !   Somos pensando en futuros eventos en Madrid, así queremos saber que tipo de eventos queréis ver organizados por 3D Hubs en Madrid ! Si hay unos temas que os interesa o si tenéis ideas para lugares cools díganoslo!   Esperamos leer sus ideas y propuestas :)    Gracias Camille 
In the End of last year I ordered a 3DHUB for my fairphone. I printed it in Berlin. so far everything was okay. When I touched the Case for the first time I reallized, that the edges hadn't been cutted correctly.  There wree really sharp borders at the top and at the bottom. Two weeks ago my telephone fell of the table and two edges are broken now...