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A couple of months ago I wrote on Talk about my razor start-up, the Ockham Razor Company.   We have now lunched it on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter!     I could never have got this far without 3DHubs. Not only did 3D printing help with the actual design process, it's also let us get to a stage where we can really show people what our product will look like.  
Hey guys, a few weeks ago I was scanned with the structure sensor for the iPad at the office. Only after 5 minutes, the physical me was immortalized in a digital version. Damn, that was fast and with an unexpected high quality. My input? Just standing still and be scanned (filmed) as a real movie star.
Filabot is proud to announce that we are in the process of teaming up with Ben and Jerry's locations to up-cycle their spoons into pellets and filament!   This is another step we are making towards responsible use of plastic waste and it just so happens that Ben and Jerry's is passionate on making their waste less wasteful.  
Hi everyone - I was given the opportunity to present my experiences with the e-nable platform as a maker and designer. The meetup was held at FabLab Breda in the Netherlands and visited by, printing enthusiasts, 3D designers and professionals in prosthetic development and design. Personally I learned a lot from the interaction, feedback and I believe there was great reception on the project.  
Hi all,   I'm trying to get a complex design printed. It's like half a sphere with the round part downwards, small flat piece to make it stand. Cannot be printed upside down. The overhang starts pretty much straight away. I got it printed sucessfully at a professional company and could order here with loads of support material. Twice the amount of the design actually!  
Hey everybody,   Im Wes, Ive been printing for a while now but im new to the hub.  Have most of you all been doing 3D printing by yourselves or do you have people who do it with you?  Ive been thinking about starting a maker club in Jackson.  Thoughts?
We are a company that develops and sells technology equipment across the world but we have an office here in the north east side of (Metro) Atlanta. We have and use a 3D Printer all the time so what the heck, we are setting up a hub in order to provide prints to the world at large when our printer is not working for us or for me to make toys for my kids.
Just want to let everyone know that we've started a new hackerspace on the westside of Chicago at Bethel New Life, 1140 N Lamon.  The goal is to be a place for people in the Austin and westside community to come and learn about 3d printing and some of the new manufacturing technology coming out for the average person.  Our other main focus is helping people rapid prototype their inventions in orde
I printed Marvin today in white PLA and wonder if any of you more experienced users have ideas on how to improve the print quality.  At arms length it is fine.  The closer that you look though, the layers are more visible.   In particular the keychain loop is very granular looking.   See attached photos.   Thank you for your help!   Steve
Merci à tous d'être venus à notre atelier à Montréal (Québec) Canada d'impression 3D sur le nouveau filament XT-CF20 (la fibre de carbone) de ColorFabb!   Thank you to everyone for coming to our 3D printing workshop in Montreal (Quebec) Canada about the new filament from ColorFabb XT-CF20 (carbon fiber)!  
Hi, I am now for 3 months using with my Felix 3.0. He does indeed work fine, I am very pleased with the device. There is one thing I would like to, Marvin on 5 star quality printing. That is tricky. The sharp overhanging edges and of the ring on top are not really tight printing.   The following testing done:   printing very slowly, so that the cooling is sufficient.
Any other Tiko Kickstarter backers here? Tiko is a unibody delta-configuration 3D printer available during the Kickstarter for only $179. There are only a few days left in the KS campaign so you should check it out. Are there any other backers here? If so, let's chat!