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Het Museum voor Communicatie is op zoek naar bijzondere 3D-prints voor GO3D, een grote 3D-print expositie die op 11 november wordt geopend en 12 maanden lang te bezichtigen is. Heb je een bijzonder stuk (of een stuk van een bijzonder materiaal) en wil je dat aan de wereld tonen, grijp dan nu je kans! Stuur je print voor zo snel mogelijk (voor 6 november) naar:
I have printed Day1, day4, test case and manifesto case. On the latter 2 where there are untextured aread, I get vertical striations.  The attachments perhaps exaggerate the issue and maybe I am being too picky. Unless you have light reflecting off these lines (as I do in the photos, as well as the fact that these were taken with a macro lens) they are far less noticeable.
This is so amazing! Formlabs has just revealed their Casting and Flexible Resins available in November and December this year. The Casting Resin is designed for clean, ash-less burn-out and ultra high-resolution prints, while Flexible is pliable when thin and resilient when thick. Exciting! Both resins are compatible with the Form 1+ 3D Printer, as well as the Form 1. 
We are looking for strong FDM materials so that the end prints can be made stronger. Apart from nylon, we have tried a few carbon fiber based materials (these usually contain 5% carbon fiber particles mixed in plastic). However, we have not found these to be any stronger than Nylon. Would be great if people share ttheir experiences on printing with carbon fiber or other materials.
We are partnering with Quirky to help the users of their idea and invention platform.  With 3D Printing, inventors can enhance the presentation of their ideas and we are going to help them do it.  We are bringing 3D to Quirky by connecting them to 15-20 of our best 3D Hubs 3D modelers and would like to know which of you is interested?
Just came across Autodesks free student software project and thought it would be cool to share the love. Seems like a great opportunity to get started with 3D Design and all for free!  This is the link below, if anyone has any feedback on this or their products would be great to hear!
Hi All, The traveller materialised on a printer in London and went out for a night on the town. Read about it here: Follow the journey - it's only just begun. Anyone can participate by taking some freestyle photos, or setting your own traveller free with a QR Code and seeing where in the world in might end up!
Thought this would be helpful to 3Dhubs friends in US. We have a limited time 20% off all PLA/ABS going on with coupon code VIP20OFFABSPLA2 which would have a huge savings on filament cost.  Plus we also give out one of below samples at your choice: CLEANING filament 1.75mm or 3mm  -- cleans up extruders COLOR-CHANGE filament 1.75mm -- change color under sunlight instantly, or by temperature