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Hi all,  I was wondering if there's a list online of all the currently existing filament makers (strictly speaking both 3D printer heads and filament makers are 'extruders') and if not, if people could contribute items here. Once I know of so far are:Filastruder - - - -
Hi guys. I have a Flashforge Creator Pro and whilst it has a few bits of perspex to keep heat in, it's just not good enough!! I'm trying to print some pretty large bits of kit, both for home and work - we're talking 7 inches wide, 5 inches deep and some odd inches high (why in inches I have no idea!). Parts are just warping/cracking here there and everywhere.  
I'm looking for high quality 3d printing for jewelery and miniatures, I need masters printing that I can then mould and cast from.Think of the detail of wargaming miniatures, that's what I'm after.I'll either produce a larger one for you to scan or provide a sketch for you to draw in cad.Anyone available?  
A couple months ago I built a DLP/SLA 3D printer for some client projects. It wasn't all that bad and I just recently got around to putting together an Instructable. Curious who else out there is using a DIY DLP/SLA 3D printer or has given it a whirl.
Extrusionbot's Motorized Filament Spooler works with any extruder and is now available for purchase.  Check it out at   ■ Speed adjustable to work with any extrusion speed ■ Accommodates any size of spool (up to 10″ in width; arbor size must be at least 3/4″ in in diameter) ■ Tensioning Mechanism ■ Indexing guide arm for evenly wound spools  
Want to print full color textured, high definition 3D selfies (shapies, figurines) or however you wish to call them. So far have used Kinec to scan. Eva scanners are good but expensive ! Would you recommend having scan files made with Cubify SENSE 3D Scanner instead? How is your experience ? Makers with Projet 660 or Z650 printers opinions specially welcome.
Curator Marta Malé-Alemany and Materialise come together to present MAKING A DIFFERENCE / A DIFFERENCE IN MAKING, an exhibition that looks at 3D Printing with both the eyes of fascination -inviting viewers to discover a production process that allows us to make things differently- and through a deeper observation, to ponder how it can help individuals, enable social changes and positively contribu
Hey guys,    As creepy as it is I will expose you to a lot of my face in this post so be warned ^^  I have been playing with two scanners : One is Cubify sense: It was fairly easy to set up and use and I managed to get a fairly decent scan of myself The other one is Fuel 3D, which basically just takes a very detailed picture of an object up close.  
Hi everyone!    3D Hubs is turning 2 this year, and we're planning a super cool anniversary party very soon. We're looking for cool projects around 3D printing that focus on the  local, the custom-made and production on demand.    We're already aware of really innovative ones like the Perpetual Plastic Project so if you know of anything similar give me a shout!    Thanks :)   Camille 
As part of the 3D Hubs filament workshop tour, a stop is being made in our very own metropolis.   Join us all, the London community on the 24th March 7pm as we get our hands on the latest in 3D printing materials. Held in the fantastic co-working space come bar come café, The Hatch - Homerton, a perfect place for a budding creative and/or maker!