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For a manufacturer that produces parts such as engine mountings, rubber bushes, radiator hose, etc (main components rubber and metal) used in mainly automobile industry as car parts, I was wondering if this new technology can be used to manufacture parts in quantities and how economical would they be. Please refer to the attachments for an example of parts I am talking about.
  We are able to print bigger objects now with our newly acquired 3D Printer. 300 x 300 x 250mm print area.  Not super huge but it is bigger than any Desktop FDM 3D Printers out there.   Check it out at our HUB We can ship printed objects internationally via DHL.
Hi guys. Wondering if anyone is interested in buying my Matter and Form Scanner. Bought it way back when they first started, and hardly done any scanning. So its practically brand new.   Here's a review of the scanner on    Brand new from the US it retails for US$517 not including shipping. I'm willing to let it go for AUD$350. Express post is $25. 
I am using a Prusa i3 printer, and have been for about 6 months now and it has held up very well. However, recently I got some new PLA filament and have been having some issues, I have only had it out of the box for about 3 weeks now and it seemed to be working fine. But, now every time I print, the filament seems to work fine until I have finished.
Hello fellow Pittsburghers, I was just wondering if there would be any demand for a locally made filament at a price point of $20/kilogram for PLA/ABS? I would love to buy the needed machinery to start making this stuff locally but the costs to buy an all in one system that does a decent job is high. Way too high for my own personal consumption. Let me know what you guys think....