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Hi all,   currently I am considering to sell my 3DR printer and go for a Rostock MAX V2.    But is there really a market for taller prints on 3D Hubs?  Sometimes I think it would by more intelligent to go for a smaller printer rather than going bigger. Are there an Rostock max users out there? If yes: Are there enough orders to justify the expense?  Any help is highly appreciated Cheers, Joerg
Just starting with 3D Hubs and I'm printing out my first Marvin. It has been sliced on Slic3r as a solid with rectilinear fill. Is Marvin supposed to be solid filled ? Just checking.   Unfortunately, my first attempt in PLA did not print out the ring - it was just a blob. See picture.   My second attempt is set to a lower filament temperature, to see how that goes.
Is there a way or place to post casting instructions for resin castable prints? Since these require a different ramping temps speeds and times, those of us who like to cast and have for years need this information so our resin casting come out the very best possible.   Toddmichael
Grab yourself a coffee and let's quickly run through this week's community events.    Singapore: 3D Hubs Meet & Greet at I3DP Singapore January 27 Sydney: 3D Hubs Sydney Meetup January 29 New York: Fusion 360 & 123D Workshop January 31 Napoli: 3DRacers a Napoli February 1 Milan: 3DRacers da Yatta February 1 Catania: 3DRacers da 3D store Catania February 1
Hi hubowners,   I am interested in 3d printing clothing. I'm looking for soft materials, what feel soft on the skin. Who have experience with these materials? and which materials are useful?   thank you for your comments!  
I think of  make a meet-up in Trondheim and talk about 3d print community and some cooperation, maybe we can open "3d PRINT HOUSE" with 3d printers, accessory, filament and access to 3d print for other people. What you think about it???    I have some contacts to people in Poland that hav  very good price for parts for 3d printers and much more.    If you are interested just send me a message .
Ciao a tutti,  forse qualcuno di voi mi conosce già, in ogni caso sempre meglio presentarsi: mi chiamo Simona Ferrari, vengo da Genova e lavoro per 3D Hubs come community manager. Recentemente il numero di stampanti a Genova è cresciuto esponenzialmente (finalmente!), che ne dite di organizzare un meetup per conoscersi un po'? Se sì, che posto proporreste?    Aspetto vostre! Simona
Dear all. I heve been experiencing issues with a file. My model maker is now not available to help me anymore and it seems according to printers that the file attached is somehow corrupted.  I've been told the peak prints with no issues but then printer goes straight to the top of the "dome"As I have absolutely no clue of what's wrong, would someone be able to help my case? Thanks a bucnh.
I am searching for a company/individual with 3D printing capability to build a prototype model for a product my company is designing. I will require a non-disclosure agreement including agreement not to complete to be signed prior to disclosure of the products design to ensure integrity of our product. Please contact me at if your company/you are available to support.
Anyone interested in designing simple urban hacks? One of many examples would be this series of projects -HACKTION-   But we could get together and figure some stuff out. I recently graduated from Art Center College of Design and feel comfortable with helping with the sketching + prototyping of ideas.   While at ACCD I ran the DIY club with a friend, let me know if anything comes to mind!