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Hello 3D Hub world I am having a part failing to print at different stages.   I have a BCN3D Sigma and am trying to print a object roughly 6in. high by x 3in. wide x .75in. deep. The print is scheduled to last 16-24 hours depending on the settings that I use. It is just short of a 1000 layers. I am using SemiFlex and HIPS for support.  
Do I need a teflon feed tube for my makerbot replicator 2 to print Ninjaflex? I am about to get started in the next few weeks on a project using this material and I have seen a lot of different information out there. Anyone with experience on a makerbot? I would appreciate any input Thanks!  
Hi everyone,I am a Photographer/Designer and for some time I needed a SD card holder for myself and finally designed this product to see how much I could get out of a 3D printing and make a practical product.Here is the link and I would be glad to have your opinion on this,
I just borrowed a makerbot replicator 2x. I have used the same printer at work often. I tried using this one and got SD card read error. I tried plug in in the USB and my computer does not recognize it. I also can not find a single 2gb sd card because no one sells them. I reformated and partitioned an 8gb car so the only partion was 2gb and fat16 but that still gives me sd card read error.
Tackoma channel for organizing, tool holding
Hey all, over the past few months I've been 3D printing prototypes for a multipurpose tool for my office/3D printing space. And I think I've got something great.   My friend and I created an extruded channel profile (called Tackoma) that mounts to a wall and accepts light duty accessories such as tool holders, hooks, shelves etc. We've also designed it so that it can hold paper or thin objects.  
Hi everyone!  I recently assembled my first ever delta printer at home: a Kossel Mini (Anycubic). Assembly took really long but I finally managed it. After a few test runs and glitches, I was able to get a small prints (those with a small radius) done on it fine. 
FDM Printed with High Temp TPU
I thought I would share a video on a new polymer we are printing with and share our version of Marvin. The polymer is a high temperature resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The base polymer can withstand 150 degrees c for 3000+ hours.   So we printed a flexible Marvin,   Then squished him, boiled him and hit him with a hammer, and still he remained cool calm and casual.  
Hi,   I am Joseph Cloutier, people also call me Player03. I am the creator of run game series. The latest version is Run 3. (If you don't know my game (Run 3), you can check it here!) My idea is to create a 3D alien character. I would like to get your opinions to provide a cool character to players in next version Run 4. Every ideas are appreciated!   Thank all!    
Hey, guys! Would you be so nice and help me with this survey? It won't take you more than 3 minutes and it'll be a great help!      Thank you so much! Best, Stani         
Hi everyone! A client send me a request of a product in teflon, he want a product to get in touch with food, I want to know what kind of material you have used for this application, the product it’s a final and functional piece of a production chain so it has to have the best quality and resistance. Please let me know some materials. Thanks!
Finally! after two years in development, we have launched our range of 4 products designed to reduce the burden of post-processing. We genuinely hope that we can give the 3D Hubs community and your clients, a big advantage.  We ship world-wide. Fast international shipping is reduced by half, for orders over $58.00 AU and free for orders over $148.00. AU