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Hi my name is John and i would like to put my 3d printer on 3d hubs to help fellow students, schools or people who just want something printed. Is there any special rules regarding people under 18 (i'm 16). I live in Norway, some special rules may apply. Can i just put it online or do i have to get a permit or something similar?
I own a Ford-F150, and an iPad Air. which made me think... what if the dash piece was molded to hold an Ipad... Is there anyone out there that would be able to design a dash piece that can hold an ipad? i will be willing to pay... i just want to see this idea come to life... please email me and reply back here if you can help, i appreciate it guys! Keep on Printing!:D   email:
With 9 events lined up all over the world, it looks like it's going to be an awesome week for 3D printing:   Nice: Animation Mediatique Lille: 3D Hubs, La CCI et Adicode Graz: 3D Druck Community Treffen Graz Breda: Print The Legend Exeter: Meetup 3D Hubs and 3 Form South-West Parma: Notte della Zortrax Eindhoven: 3D Hubs Meetup Zaragoza: 3D Hubs Zaragoza Bend: Redmond 3D Printing Showcase
We've just released the first trend report of 2015, have a look! This month we have a special addition, as a bonus we asked the 2279 reviewers of the 3D Printer Guide what printer they're planning to buy next.   It looks like the Ultimaker 2 and the Form 1+ are by far the most desired printers, while the Zortrax M200 took the bronze.  
This Mummy Hand was a model I did to get a freelance contract to do more work for   I modeled the lowpoly in Maya and did the high resolution details in Mudbox.  The wraps are separate geometry from the hand itself.  At first I didn't bother booleaning and combining the geometry because Cura has a great option to ignore internal wall structures.
Images are one of the most memorable parts of our favorite childhood fairy tales. Imagine if you couldn’t see them? The Tactile Picture Books Project is a community of students and researchers that is developing 3D printed storybooks for blind children. The project is based at the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently using our platform to produce its second round of prototypes.