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Can you help? I have a 27 year-old cooker extractor hood from NEFF.  The plastic, translucent light cover is cracked and I can't get a replacement.  I thought that 3D printing might offer a solution.  I live in Leicestershire and could bring the component to you and collect upon completion within 50 mile radius. Do you think a solution like this is viable/cost effective? Photo of component is avai
Hi there, I recently purchased and built the tronxy x1 3d printer. Unfortunately,  my z axis has a problem. Whenever I try to home my z axis, the motor makes a loud sound and slowly moves down. Also when it moves down I have to poke the metal shroud around the threaded rod to get it to go down. Also whenever I try to print something, my z axis can't go up =( PLEASE HELP ME!!! 
Hi, I am trying to connect My ctc bizer running the latest Sailfish to Astroprint, i have changed the baud rate to 115200 and profile to x3g but it just trys to connect for ages and times out. Has anyone else come across this issue and have a way to fix it?   I use astroprint with my other 2 machines both of which have seperate Raspberry pi's of their own running it.  
I'm designing parts that are going to be printed with ABS. I'm using Fusion 360 and it's static stress simulation on my ABS parts. It seems that the physical properties of predefined ABS in fusion 360 is not correct(I guess). Could someone confirm if these properties are correct and/or point me to some resource so I can find out the correct properties of ABS filaments?
In my country, 3d printer after tax +vat +vendor profit are expensive. I want 3d printer for my hobby such as tools, figure, toy and parts for my diy. And I think PLA and ABS are main filament to print.   I'm interesting 2 models 1) wanhao duplicator 6 ==> 910 usd pro - spare parted is common - have built in frame (can diy acrylic cover) - rigidity - there are representative sell in country.
Hi, I just bought a new 3D printer. I wonder if these existing presets are signs that I purchased a used item OR could this be considered part of the company's standard courtesy set up • My Flashforge Finder play "music" instead of beep when the correct print bed height is achieved • Why was there already 3 hours on the clock when I set it up for the first time
CR-10s4, PLA
Hi. I have some massive issues with my CR-10s4 printer.Initially it worked perfect, but suddenly all my print gets extremely porous. I have tried to factory reset everything and slice the print from another computer to ensure it was not my slider settings.   All prints starts fine, but gets more and more porous as higher the print is.