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I just got a new 3D printer and did everything to set it up.    I've been trying to print a model that is about 3.5 inches tall and every time I print, it fails.   I watched it closely today and basically when its printing what is supposed to be flat, its not, its ends up raising up and then when the extruder swings back to it, it grabs what was already printed.  
I have been printing on my CTC without any issue.  Now it is clicking the whole time and not extruding.  I cleaned the gear and replaced the feeder with a spring tension version. Still same issue. Clicks the whole time and doesn't feed at all.  Any ideas??  I am using ABS.  I even tried preheating the nozzle first before printing just to make sure.  I am using Simplify3D
Photo showing jagged edges of the slot
Hello!   I am trying to print a part that is essentially a thin tube with a slot in it. The tube has about 0.025" thick walls on it and I am printing PLA. The issue that I am having is the edges of the slot come out jagged, as seen in the attached photo. I'm printing at 60 mm/s and have tried extruder temps of 200C, 210C, and 220C. I've also tried layer thicknesses of .2 mm and .1 mm.  
Hi folks Just a bit of advice for a brand new 3D printer user Bought a CR-10, assembled all OK, but the Y axis limiting switch was DOA.  Doesn't click on/off, and causes all sorts of motor issues when limits don't kick in. I'm sure a replacement will be sent by Banggood...eventualy.  But I don't want to wait a month just to use a brand new printer that should never have been sent without testing.
When starting a new print the head goes to the rear right (facing the printer) and just stutters. The little red light comes on when the switch is pressed. Qidi CS said its probably the switch cable. Well, just got a new one and the problem persists. Strangely, I can usually get a print to start after some starting and pressing 'pause at z position' but its kinda hit or miss.
I too purchased the ezt3d printer and had problems, and also received a refund as the vendor did not seem capable or was unable to fix it.. The problem was that using the auto levelling ,after adjusting the extruder  at the centre position when it moved to the outer positions it was always 2mm above the bed.