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My employer stopped selling 3D Systems equipment so the gave me the projet 460 Plus we had in our demo room. the problem I have is the only software i can seem to get to find the printer is 3D sprint everything seem to work great until I try to add to the Queue and it tells me the printer is connected i check the printer and everything looks fine. any help wold be great. 
So it looks like we are moving in a new direction t our shop and we might be looking at getting rid of our beloved DeltaWasp 40/70. This is a phenomenal machine that is lights out and very consistent.  Definitely my favorite machine in our shop!  We just purchased their new spitfire extruder as well as an upgrade for the machine.  This might be one of the only one of these actually in USA...
When I push the bed all the way to one side, it goes over the edge, and when I push the bed all the way to the other side, it doesnt make it all the way. When I peint something in the center, it prints offset up high. When I print something that goes over the edge, it continues to push out the PLA even though there is no bed under it. Please help, this is ruining all of my prints. Any fixes?
We’re an authorized DWS Systems dealer and are turning over our demo stock including a DWS Systems 029X. This machine is designed for larger parts or more capacity and for speed   DWS Systems Professional SLA printers are known for making parts with the finest detail and surface finish. They offer a wide range of the highest quality materials.  DWS has a large user base in the Jewelry industry.  
 I've looked through the suggestions for improvements and features yesterday and I've seen this request. While I feel like it would be a great addition to have a complexity modifier or runtime as a pricing variable I'm already doing this and thought I'll just share my pricing setup as an idea for everyone who wants to include complexity into their prices.   
Hi All..I hope you all doing fine.   I am using CTC dual extruder printer. I purchased Simplify3D and seems to be missing .fff.   If you have CTC profile for S3D pls share screen shots of all settings.    OR   Shall I use FlashForge?? If yes then what changes shall I make..Pls help.
Hello, I'm looking at upgrading my print surface from the stock buildtak I have. The buildtak seems to really sticks to the print and is a nightmare getting it off, I've heard of these "Zebra" beds and was wondering if anyone had experience with them. The other options I have are PEI or just modifying the print settings I have with the buildtak. Any help or suggestions are appreciated! -Quinn
Hi Guys   Today I got my first 3D printer. Setting up was a breeze but I ran into major problems when the time came to load my first piece of filament.   I used the pre-heat function to get the temperature to 185C. Then I press down on the spring lever and push the filament through the hole into extruder, but then it just wont go any further.   
Hey Guys, We have a customer that is requesting a part to be printed. He has a product that is missing a piece and he needs a part to be printed. We printed the part with the standard grey and it doesn't match. Where can we have a custom color filament be made to be able to match his products color? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
I have nothing but perfect results up until this and now whatever I print does this awful thing where it spits out filament and makes an awful sound and now all my prints looks awful I have tried with retraction on and off and no matter what settings it still does it. I have attached a video of it showing this. Please help as I love this printer and would like to get it working again. Link: