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I'm very impressed with the new FFCP I got a week ago. I'm now trying out some dual color prints with ABS and can't seem to change the right extruder temp. I set the right and left temps in the general parameters in FlashPrint but with the printer starts printing it always stays at 220C for the right extruder. Is there another area that's driving this value.
Hi! I am working on a project where I need to get some rubber-like pieces printed to be part of the sealing system of a bottle (limited edition Olive Oil project for a client). The dimensions of this component are around 20 x 15 x 15 mm. Please let me know if you or someone that you know might be interested on this job. Thanks!   Ok I'm being driven up the wall with this... I don't know how to do wire things properly and I can't crimp wires to save my life. How exactly do I wire up the fan version of the power supply to this switch ↑?  
Hello, i have had my Anet A8 for a little over a month. however on a longer print the filament go twisted around itself and got jammed but i never realized it so the motor was constantly pulling at it but getting nothing done. after this happened i have had issues with my printer as described below.  
I'm having a problem with some of my "sharp"corners. it seems like it is dragging previous layers to the outside?  I can't find any artikel related to this problem. And i have tried pretty much everyting. (lowering acceleration. making sure al bolts are tight.)   The printer is have is a Kossel XL (delta printer) i print at 190° and my bed is at 55°