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Holes r warped
My cr-10s is printing circles like ovals etc. idk if I need to do some kind of calibration thing to the motors or what. I just got it so idk. Seamed to print fine yesterday then the nozzle ran right into those stupid office clips to hold the glass on and put a hole in the side of the nozzle so I changed that. Not sure if that’s related or not but appriciate any help.
I recently bought an Anet A8. I loaded the Filament and pre-heated it to 190c and ran a bit of filament through then set it to print and when it was printing it took a bit for the PLA to come out and when it did it came out very slowly and thin and messy. Has someone else had this issue before and give me some pointers? If you want pictures or a video of it id be happy to email some to you.
two + signs and a m3 nut holder
Hello. Im hoping I can get some advice. I am seeing distortion in my print dimensions when both X and Y axes are running. For example if i try to print something with diagonal lines features wont come out evenly. I tested with a simple + shaped print then rotated it 45 degrees. The result is that 2 of the arms of the + are skinnier than the others.
Hello,I am currently doing my finial year in the MYP program (the equivalent to Cambridge O’Level’s) and part of my finial examination is the successful completion of the personal project. The personal project is a project which gives students the opportunity to develop our personal interest and to show and apply the skills were learnt during the five-year program.
Hi 2 days ago i ordered a anycubic kossel from aliexpress. It arrived in just 2 days and came nicely packaged. After building the printer i turned it on and it cut power to my whole house.After inspecting the printer i noticed a loose screw on the top side of the transformer,after i did this the psu gives a green light but the printer does nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.