Trend Report May

This trend report provides provides a unique perspective on the current state of the 3D printing industry. Learn what the most popular printers, manufacturers and materials are. The report is based on the data of our 3D Hubs community with well over 4500 printer listings and thousands of 3D print jobs.

You can find the previous April, February, January, December and November releases in the archive.

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pngTrending Printers

Insights: Trending Printers

This month the Ultimaker 2 let go of its leading position, which has been held since the start of this section last december. Overall, the growth figures are smaller compared to last month's category. This is due to the large amount of older printer models, and once they get a larger presence month over month (MoM) growth naturally slows down. We are waiting for the Replicator 5th generation to pick up speed on our platform and we will probably be seeing it somewhere in the upper regions as of next month. The Replicator 2X and 2 ar picking up speed and moving up the ranks. Another notable riser is the Prusa i3. Although it has been around since 2012, it is still gaining popularity on our platform.

Note: only printers with a quantity of 40+ on our platform are included in these statistics.

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pngPrinter Model Distribution

Insights: Printer Model Distribution

The entire pool of printers has been moving steadily in the same direction. The rapid growth of the low-budget Creator has been clearly translated into market share and moved from 1,2% to 1,5%. And the Ultimaker 2 has moved up a spot and took over the Mendel Prusa, as discussed in the above section.

Some new interesting printers on our platform are the T-Black and the FoldarRap. The T-Black uses stereolithography like the Form 1 and looks very similar due to its transparent enclosure. It is built by a new Argentinian company and is now for sale. The FoldaRap is a foldable RepRap printer which lets you take it with you on business or holiday in your suitcase. According to its creator it only takes 5 minutes to unfold and set up the printer.

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pngPrinter Manufacturer Distribution

Insights: Printer Manufacturer Distribution

Although the Replicators are growing rapidly and covering a lot of ground, this chart paints a somewhat different picture. Stratasys (Makerbot) has barely moved since our last report, and neither did the other manufacturers, indicating that manufacture based growth is evenly divided.

Note: RepRap is not a manufacturer but has been treated as such in this chart

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pngPopular Printers by Region

Insights: Popular Printers by Region

North America is still dominated by Makerbot with a combined share of their Replicator 3rd and 4th generation of 28,71%, with Form 1 closing the ranks.

In Europe the top 5’s accumulated market share went down with nearly 4 percentage points to 39,52%. No changes occurred, apart from RepRap and the Replicator 2 switching 2nd and 3rd place.

South America’s RepRap presence is losing market share, but this can be very well accounted for by the enormous spread of printers and the low volume that is still accounted for. In the Asia Pacific region the variety of printers is also increasing with the current top 5 now only accounting for a combined share of 34,08% instead of the previous 41,52%
pngPrinter Listings

Insights: International Growth

Our platform has now reached over 4500 listed 3D printers worldwide: remaining the largest decentralised 3D printing platform globally. The growth keeps on going and by the time of the next Trend Report will have crossed the 5000 printer mark.
pngPopular Print Categories

Average order price per category

Insights: Average order value per category

Last month we introduced this new section and a lot has changed since then. The Art/Fashion, Prototype, Other and Gadget category have all seen a rise in average order value. The last one of which the steepest: from $36,8 to $43,9. The Hobby/DIY, Household and Scale model have remained the same.

Insights: Popular Print Categories

The prototype category still makes up over one third of the entire orders: coming with a rise of 3,1 percentage point at 37,4%. Art/Fashion has seen an increase as well and adds up to 10,1% as opposed to 9% last month.
pngColor Distribution

Insights: Color Distribution

White and Black remain the most popular colors by far on our platform. Although, the long tail of other colors is steadily gaining popularity with colors such as green and grey moving respectively 0,5 and 1,7 percentage points.
pngMaterial Availability

Insights: Materials

ABS and PLA now make up over 70% of the orders, coming to a total share of 72%. Amongst other materials there is an even development across the board.

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png3D Printing Map of the World

Insights: 3D Printing Map of the World

We are now well on our way to reach 5000 printers on our platform. The above map represents the spread of our printers, which are largely based in the US and Europe. However, some very active hotspots can be seen in Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Singapore and Australia.