Get your Ultimaker samples

Thinking about buying an Ultimaker 3D Printer, but want to get your hands on a sample first? We've selected the top Ultimaker Hubs on our platform to print samples fast and close to you.
Ultimaker Robot

Ultimaker Robot

Also known as UltiBot, this is Ultimaker’s logo. The print doubles as a keychain.
Designed by Ultimaker

Ultimaker Bolt & Nut

Bolt & Nut

The Bolt and Nut are great to show how 2 parts can fit together nicely.
Designed by Gitrdun

Ultimaker Owls


With lots of detail this sample allows you to experience the Ultimaker quality up close.
Designed by Mooses

Ultimaker Gears


This popular sample is actually printed in one go! Still it has moving parts, it's a true jaw dropper.
Designed by Emmett

Get a custom Ultimaker sample

Have a specific design that you want to get printed on an Ultimaker? No problem, you can upload your design in .stl format and pick one of our top Ultimaker printers near you to print it. We offer both shipping and pickup. Upload your 3D file