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8 months 3 weeks ago - Commented on Express Checkout FAQ


Thanks everyone for their feedback. I’ve listed your questions and provided my answers below:


Most of my customers either did not care about the layer height or did not understand it (What's a micron?).  Particularly when prototyping, the color does not matter

Yep, good points. That’s why by default the color has now been set to “no preference” and we’ve pre-selected the most popular layer height for the chosen material.


There is no metrics available to us anymore

Indeed the initial version that we launched a few months ago had several bugs so we decided to temporarily take it offline, but the new version will go live in the next two weeks. My apologies for the temporary inconvenience.


I would like to see an option on the changelog to sign up for emails when there is a change added there.

The tool that we use for our Changelog is Headwayapp, and they don’t allow for that unfortunately. But going forward for changes with large impact we will make sure to email in advance.


I would just like to see the local hubs shown automatically below  or beside the autoselect.

Thanks for this idea, we will consider this as we continue to develop and improve the Express Checkout.


So it may also be about the initial landing page on 3dHubs and designing it to cater to two different types of customers

We’re trying to capture this in an updated material selection design in Q4. People who are new to 3D printing should be able to easily select the right material from a popular pre-selection and engineers should be able to sort and filter in the the hundreds of different material options.


I was never notified that I was selected as a hub for express checkout

Hubs selected for the Express Checkout did receive an email. As part of one of the experiments a few Hubs outside the original selection of 50 could have received an Express order. In the next two weeks Hubs should see a notification on the order page if the order came in through automated instead of manual selection.


Right now all customers who are part of the experiment in the US are now redirected to just 50 Hubs?
Have these customers been informed that they are now part of this experiment? If so, do they have an option to opt out?

The US customers that select the Express Checkout option are indeed directed to one of 50 Hubs (one exception in the experiment, see above). Customers still see a button to manually select a Hub so that I consider the opt-out.


Its a bit unclear what the percentage is for the v2 of the experiment.

In the V2 version 100% of US customers will see the Express checkout, with the option of manually selecting the Hub.


Also if you know there are these bugs in the autoselect it doesn't make for the most accurate stats

Most bugs have been fixed. Resolving the niche materials being excluded will take a bit more time as this requires a migration as a few months ago we’ve started creating a completely new material database. This migration will also enable Hubs to indicate their material offering on a much more granular level.


Does the Autoselect option now means that just a few Hubs in that NY area are now receiving the orders that used to be divided among those 300 Hubs.

Indeed for orders that come through the Express option and not the manual Hub selection, they are distributed amongst a smaller group of Hubs. In reality because of our performance based ranking not all of the 300 Hubs in New York were actually getting regular orders.


8 months 3 weeks ago - Posted a new Thread

Last month, 3D Hubs communicated to its suppliers via the Changelog and via email that it was going to carry out a US Express Checkout experiment in order to simplify the checkout experience for customers. As a result of the experiment, 3D Hubs has decided to provide customers with the option of Automatic Hub Selection. Customers can still select a Hub manually if they wish to.

1 year 10 months ago - Posted a new Thread

Announcing a $7M Series B investment to accelerate a future of decentralized manufacturing   Three years ago we started 3D Hubs and wrote our manifesto for achieving a distributed manufacturing future by connecting 3D printers from around the world into one online platform.  

2 years 8 months ago - Commented on Shame about 3D Hubs


Things are a lot more nuanced than how they are being presented here and apparently that's not coming across, so I'd love to continue the conversation but I think it will work better during a call. Everyone in this thread is welcome to join, I'm available today at 5pm New York time (in 30 minutes) through this link:

2 years 8 months ago - Commented on Shame about 3D Hubs


I’m sorry to hear some of you saw a decrease in orders. I can tell you that the number of ordered prints has grown on average around 20% month over month, in the last 12 months. HD orders are currently making up less than 10% of the total, so the situations described by you (even though very unfortunate) are really exceptions.


If we make the default max. distance 5 miles then customers will often not see the Hubs that have less mainstream materials, printers or an exceptional track record. Distance still plays an important role in which order we present Hubs to customers. If I enter Gloucester (UK) as location @steven_10 is the first hit.  

2 years 8 months ago - Commented on Shame about 3D Hubs


I saw a lot of new comments coming in again, so will try to answer as much as possible of it here:


  • Naturally we aim to deliver a service that customers want...I'm extremely confident that will continue to be local members from the 3D Hubs community that have a strong passion for 3D printing and willingness to help customers succeed with their project.
  • I agree that SLS is not going to be accessible to every Hub overnight. With that being said patents are expiring and the first SLS desktop printers have launched. From here, we believe SLS is going to be a more accessible option.

  • The removal of the Hub links is a A/B test that we started, because as soon as users clicked that link we saw a lower conversion to orders. The first results of this test show that the new situation leads to more orders, something that I assume all the Hubs want. Your profile pages are still accessible and based on your feedback we'll evaluate which parts of information we could also make visible on the /3dprint page.

  • I hope you do appreciate that advanced pricing was a very complex operation that was frequently requested by many Hubs and was built based on their feedback. After our launch, the volume change option change on the order page initially got lost and directly after seeing comments from the community on Talk we started work to restore it. 

2 years 8 months ago - Commented on Shame about 3D Hubs


Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback and I want to assure you all that we are listening. With community being such an integral part of 3D Hubs, I can assure you that it’s feedback like this that helps us refine our organisation and ensure that we are delivering the best service possible. With that being said, I would like to address a few specific concerns:


  • Yes, we do have growth ambitions just like most other companies. Naturally, the resulting increase in print orders also benefits you, the Hub.
  • Since the launch of 3D Hubs HD two weeks ago, we’ve seen a 25% increase in FDM orders across the company.  
  • We feel we can attract more customers across the board by locally offering ALL the technologies and materials that 3D printing has to offer, not only FDM. As traditionally expensive technologies such as SLS get more accessible we’d love to see this adopted by the 3D Hubs community as well.
  • Previously a substantial part of orders that have come through our platform had to be declined because they are not printable via FDM. By offering our customers SLS to print their model, we are able to retain more customers on the 3D Hubs network - a benefit for all Hubs.  


I also read the suggestion to create two separate platforms. I think one of the beauties of 3D Hubs is that we have providers of all sorts now offering their services side by side and are judged based on the customer experience they provide, independent of whether it’s individual printing from his garage or a large industrial company. This seems to be very unique as I haven’t seen it in any other online marketplace model.



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2 years 9 months ago - Commented on Hello From the New York City 3D Hubs Office!


We're really glad to have you on the team Simon!

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