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Hello everyone! I just finished writing an article with guidelines to help designers and engineers select the right 3D printing process.   I hope this helps you communicate to your customers which process to select! Your feedback is most welcomed! I would actually love to hear your thoughts! > Here's the link:  

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Hello everyone,   The second introductory article to 3D printing technologies of the KB is now out. This time we took a deeper look in SLA.  Here's a link:   Your feedback and opinion is again most welcomed! Please comment below and press the feedback bottom of the article if you found it helpful/unhelpful!  

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We are working on this for a new feature of the website. Dedicated material articles will also be coming out soon. :)

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Hello TypeR,

Thank you for your feedback. This kind of interaction is very useful and please do comment again in the future, so that we can write better articles.

So let's see explore your comment. Here I found 2 data sheets with mechanical tests of 3d printed parts:


Also notice that these numbers are much lower than the bulk material:


Indeed you are right that the UTS and elongation at break are very close (and even better for PLA).

PLA though ranks much lower for impact strength.

I'll update this to take your comment into account and I'll change the bullet to "- lower impact strength".

Thank you for you feedback!

Have a good day,

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