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1 week 19 hours ago - Posted a new Thread

G'day Makers   I have an error that keeps coming up on one of the Guider IIS machines we have in the office. It has been happening for a while on certain files. It doesn't seem to do anything to the print until today when I came in and the print was paused but didn't return to the home position and was sitting where it finished off all heated up with the error "io session has timed out, GetURL"  

1 week 6 days ago - Commented on Flashforge Guider II firmware update error


Thanks wirlybird. I actually came up with the solution. Here is the solution


The MD5 clearance file is needed and the steps are following. 1)Format the USB flash disk to FAT322) Copy the flashforge-resetUpdateMd5-171226.zip into the flash disk3) Unzip flashforge-resetUpdateMd5-171226.zip to the root directly4) Insert the flash disk to the printer and restart it, then the printer will enter into a screen to clean the update mark5) After this steps, you will hear a sound from the printer. Pls shout down the printer and pull out the USB flash disk.6) Update the firmware again. You need to update the firmware via USB sticker after cleaning the MD5 mark. The steps are following and the link is for firmware. Upgrade steps:
1, format the USB stick first
2, save the guider2.0.zip into the USB stick
3, decompression guider2.0.zip to the root directory of the USB stick
4, the printer shutdown,  USB stick inserted into the printer USB Host port
5, restart the printer, prompting the completion of the upgrade.
6, the Main window - Tools - About you can see Firmware Version, indicates an upgrade success Hope this helps anyone else

2 weeks 19 hours ago - Posted a new Thread

Hello makers   I work in an Industrial design firm in Sydney Australia and we have a mini 3D printing farm. We have 5 Guider II and 1 Guider IIS, I am having trouble with the Guider II when updating the firmware.   When i try to update via the WIFI, it gives the same message no matter if I change the WIFI source, "something went wrong with the network, try again later"