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7 Years on a Stratasys Objet 350 and a 18 months on a BCN3D Sigma for my sins.

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1 week 3 days ago - Commented on Stratasys Objet350 poor print location


I'm only ever using the Objet software (both slicer and print software) which won't let you print outside the constraints of the bed plate.


From what I can gather the only way this will happen is if the head isn't where the printer thinks it should be. I'm having a look at the motor driver assemblies and checking that I'm not loosing position because of anything silly.  After thinking back and checking preventative maintenance logs, this had occurred in the past but went away of its own accord.


I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of it and when I do I'll report back.


I'm itching to stick a couple of triphasic drivers in and knock down to 80mm contrarotating cooling fans to try to lower the noise level while I'm on.

1 week 3 days ago - Posted a new Thread

Hi everyone,   My printer has taken to printing the first 5 or 6mm of print perfectly, then deciding to print wherever it feels like.  Sometimes it seems like the print is just offset in the Y axis as you can see a diffuse model being formed as if it's just printing in the wrong place.  Sometimes it just prints wherever it feels like.