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I totally agree with your opinion. I'm finally enjoying working with 3D printers

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The X-series 3D printer, as the leading company in the industry, proudly offers the following services in order to advance the work of dear customers:Dear enthusiasts, you can contact the raw materials section for comprehensive and complete information about the printer's raw materials, their types, comparison with each other, the use of any 3-D printer, consumables in 3D printer technology, or wh

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It depends on what you want to use with a 3D printer!
The 3D printer that comes with portability is a great option, and it's also very reasonable in terms of price. But home-built 3D printers that can have different costs are also more cost-effective options. In Iran, according to the Customs, we pay a different fee for a 3D printer, for example, you can see some of these costs in the XPrinter3D Uses.

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We are just as like as you... we sell 3D printers in Capital of Iran,Tehran

our company name is Xprinter3D... maby you heard about that!

also you can caontact us if you want in http://xprinter3d.com