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1 week 3 days ago - Posted a new Thread

Oh where do I start....? Only yesterday was I moaning about the inconsistency of the Nobel 1.0A print output; https://www.instagram.com/p/BixSL4QH3Wt/?taken-by=druids_delights   And today it seems XYZ put a curse on me, I started another print in the same way I always have and then an hour into the print there were some pretty awful noises coming from the printer.

4 months 3 weeks ago - Commented on Cold weather causing SLA print issues


Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your replies. However things are still not going well...


I moved my printer into the house where the temperature is just right and I am still getting the same issues;


  •  The brim prints but then falls off as soon as the supports are about to be printed.


So my other thoughts are...

1.  Could the resin have been ruined from the cold weather or should it be okay now it is back in the correct temperature

2. What might be wrong with the platform as one print it worked fine and the next it didn’t - is there anything I can do (other than buying a new one) to potentially fix my current printing platform? 


Happy new year!

5 months 1 day ago - Posted a new Thread

Morning all,   I have an XYZ Nobel 1.0A SLA printer which has been working fine until a week ago. I am still printing the same items but now only the brim prints and then falls off into the resin tank.   Ive re-calibrated over and over again but am still having the same issues.  

9 months 3 days ago - Posted a new Thread

Hey all, apologies if this isn't the correct place to post but I'm going round in circles trying to find something and am hoping someone out there can help me?   Now the problem is most likely the search terms I'm using as I don't actually know the official name of what I'm looking for so here goes;  

9 months 4 days ago - Commented on Brand new Nobel 1.0a - zero printing success...


Hey Sharam,


Great news... I'm officially on the successful printing list! :D

I basically got fed up of not being sure what to do and decided to drain the resin tank, thoroughly clean it, along with the mirror below and the platform and then followed your calibration guide again and look... a teeny tiny gun turret for a tank!

I'm pretty excited about the whole thing after almost being in tears about not being able to print anything. That said, I've currently got Tinkerbell printing nicely, along with a chunk of resin sinking in the tank as it kinda fell off mid print, hey ho - live and learn, I'll get this cracked with a little trial and error!

Thank you once again for your help - you've been awesome!  

9 months 5 days ago - Commented on Brand new Nobel 1.0a - zero printing success...


Hey Shahram,


First of all, thank you for taking the time to help me out, it's really really apreciated!

But... I've just finished another print following the same info you sent in the link, I used a calibration cube from thingverse and this is my result... :(

I have supports but no cube.

The other thing that seemed odd was that on this occasion I moved the cube from the centre of the build platform to the front left before printing, but the print itself ended up on the front right?

Thanks again,



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