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1 week 2 days ago - Posted a new Thread

I have a Monoprice Mini v2 3D printer and it has been working okay.  A few days ago it started staying at the last place when it finished printing.  It puts our a little more plastic and then cools off and the last piece printed sticks to the nozzle.  It comes off and the  next print starts okay but it leaves a glob of material on the print that has to be filed off.  Always before when it finished

6 months 3 weeks ago - Posted a new Thread

I bought a used IIIP and after I got the broken filament out of the delivery tube and downloaded Cura and a few test prints I got it to print pretty good.  Then I changed the support settings to None and Brim.  It has not printed since.  It recognizes the gcode file and I have even preheated it but it will not go to the print screen.