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WE PRINT ON WEEKENDS! Please contact us for more details. JMO Technology- 3D Printing, Scanning, and Modeling

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2 days 17 hours ago - Commented on How much would this cost


@ezkicker We have software that tells you the weight. If you send us files we can tell you the weight of them for no charge. 




You need a 3D Printing slicer with correct settings. You could find a free one online but I dont know if they will tell you the weight. 

5 days 22 hours ago - Commented on 3d Scanning Service


Our $15 scans are good. We have had many happy customers and we do not use the cheap scanners. We clean them up for free. We do not rely on scanning as the only income so we can offer lower priced scans. 

6 days 8 hours ago - Commented on 3d Scanning Service


Hi, We can scan it for you. Please contact us at


The scan would be $15. 


We have scanned many things such as dirt bike helmets, tires, gloves, and many more objects.



6 days 23 hours ago - Commented on 3D Slicer that Calculates Price


Yes, I realize they do that but I am looking for something as simple as 3D Hubs were I don't have to do that math and I can get the price for multiple models at once. This is for quoting customers not figuring out costs. 

1 week 8 min ago - Posted a new Thread

Hey guys, I am wondering if there is anything we can use to calculate pricing like 3D Hubs does. I am looking for something were I can upload files and have it calculate volume of .stl file and multiply it by the price I set for various infills. Is there anything like this? Let me know. Thanks. 

1 week 5 days ago - Commented on Another question on removing prints from bed

2 weeks 7 hours ago - Posted a new Thread

Hello, We have a FlashForge Creator Pro for sale for parts only. It is able to be repaired. The only known issues is that it it has a tool 1 and 0 heating error for the nozzles. We recently put a new heated bed in. May be open to offers. Please contact us at or post any questions on this thread. Thanks. 

2 weeks 3 days ago - Commented on I need xyz prints

2 weeks 5 days ago - Commented on Flashforge creator pro preview problem


Try simplify3d or another slicer and see if the issue still happens. 

3 weeks 1 day ago - Commented on New to 3D printing - Need Recommendation.