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2 years 6 months ago - Commented on The Pleasures and Sorrows of Taxes, Part 1


Hi Tech3D, 


Be sure to always consult a certified accountant if you are unclear about your Intrastat requirements, but I can give you some general guidance below (we are not liable for errors or omissions):


  • Intrastat is the system for collecting statistics on the trade in goods between EU member states. The supply of services is excluded from Intrastat. 
  • 3D Hubs is not a trade intermediary, so we will not file Intrastat reports for you, as you are vendor of record in the transaction.
  • As you run your hub as your own business, your are responsible to be up to date on your reporting and requirements. 
    Businesses not registered for VAT and private individuals who move goods within the EU have no obligations under the Intrastat system. 
  • Each EU member country establishes an annual threshold value below which a business is not required to file Intrastat forms. The reporting thresholds vary from country to country and, within one country, may be different for dispatches (exports) and arrivals (imports). See for an overview here:
  • As you can see, for most countries these thresholds are high. However, Italy is the only EU country to set no thresholds, so all operators (excluding only new, young entrepreneurs in a facilitated tax regime) must file Intrastat forms. More information here: (in Italian only)



You as a hub need to report to Intrastat if you export or import goods from your EU country to another EU countries beyond you country's threshold. However, these thresholds are high, so most hubs this will not be required to do this. The exception are hubs in Italy, as there is no threshold.


Hope this helps, 


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3 years 6 days ago - Commented on 3D Scanning: What technologies to use for 3D printing?


I really like this piece! Very informative and high quality.

Great work team!