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2 years 2 months ago - Commented on Declining Orders & "Best Match"


The ranking algorithm in the print page takes several aspects into account to define the order that hubs are shown. A while ago we wrote a talk post on how to improve your hub ranking, here is what we wrote on declining orders:



Declined orders also influence your ranking. Not all decline reasons are created equal though. The impact depends on the reason for declining, which will always be checked and confirmed by the support team. If outside your zone of control, rest assured it won’t impact your ranking.


So yes, declining orders do impact the ranking, but we strive to always take the reason into account. In this post you can see some ideas on how to keep the number of declined orders low, and other tips to improve your ranking.


Finally, some communities are very competitive, including Los Angeles, so even good hubs might not appear in the 1st page.