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3 years 6 months ago - Commented on Recommended 3D printer and software for printing zBrush models


Hi Pandanus,

I saw this Talk and think I might have something to add as well. I'm a regular ZBrush user and have begun printing my sculpts on both on a FDM and SLA machine. I brought my model back from about 16 million poly's to around 70 K using the decimation master, which is still an incredible tool. Using the the 3D printing exporter within ZBrush I was able to create an STL file that was about 23 mb's.

For the FDM printer (which was an Ultimaker 2) I used Meshmixer to slice up my model and add supports. (I had quite a few overhanging pieces) There are two main things to keep in mind here:
- What is the most efficient angle to print your model at that will require the least amount of supports
- Support usually leaves traces so think about where you don't mind seeing these (I used the back of my character)

For the SLA printer (which was an Formlabs 1+) I use the standard program, PreForm with all the standard settings and again made sure the supports were on the back of the character.

Feel free to check out the results of my prints below (the left is the Formlabs 1+ and the right the Ultimaker 2)

I do have to admit that both could be better, but this is my first try on both printers. (The model itself is about 7 cm in height)


3 years 6 months ago - Commented on I have a customer with a large file !


Hi Hesham,

Thank you for your question. Thanks to you as well @Dampmaskin for adding to the conversation.

Basically the individual you are talking is asking for a place to upload his file. An FTP server is a common way of being able to store files online. As Dampmasking already mentioned Dropbox or WeTransfer could be a solution as well. 

​I would like to point out however that this usually shouldn't be necessary seeing as users can upload files up to 128 MB on the 3D Hubs website which should be enough for most .STL files.
I hope this was useful.

All the best,

3D Hubs

3 years 7 months ago - Commented on What to do? A bit dissapointed


Hi Meike, I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't heard back from the hub yet. Please send me an e-mail with the ordernumber so I can check out the order, contact the hub for you and figure out how we can best help you going forward. 

All the best,