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3 months 4 days ago - Commented on Problems with slicer settings


Got it man! It was the heat from the nozzle preventing the pla to cool off at very low speeds. I just turned down the speed reduction setting to 20% and it prints fine.

3 months 6 days ago - Commented on Problems with slicer settings


Thanks for the ideas!


I thought about the top layers vs infill percentage, so i did some tests going up to 20 top layers on 30% infill ( 20 layers to achieve 1 mm), but to no avail. I went for 6 perimeters as i thought that for those tiny folds the software might consider some of the surfaces as perimeter, not top layer. It actually yielded better results, but still puffy.


Regarding the settings you propose, I did some test with coasting and wipe turned off, and indeed turned out a little better, but still bad overall.


After printing some other models, from the same project, that turned out great( ill post here a pic), I am now 100% it has something to do with the model, being so small and having a lot of detail. 


What I am thinking now, is maybe the speeds decrease so much on that detail( almost to 150mm/min) and nozzle heat prevents the layer from cooling? I will do some test with restricting how much s3d lowers the speeds. 


If any other ideas come to mind...



3 months 1 week ago - Posted a new Thread

Hello guys, i have an issue with( what i guess) is the s3d settings. I am attempting a print (on a cr-10)for a personal project, and the same model prints well in cura but really bad in s3d(i am using a good profile. settings here https://imgur.com/a/QXkUt). Printer calibrated, benchy prints out great. In the photo attached top is cura, bottom is s3d. Any thoughts?