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3D PLA Druck von Figuren, Schlüsselanhänger, Becher, Vasen, Gardienenschieber, kleinen Schachteln, Gehäusen und allem anderen was so auf das Druckbett passt . Bei grösseren Drucken besteht die Möglichkeit Farben zu wählen die nicht in der Liste sind. Wird dann bestellt ohne Aufpreis. Einfach anfragen. Quellen zB. http://www.thingiverse.com/ Druckerdaten: DIY Mini Kossel (optimal lbh 11*11*21cm max. 14*14*21cm), tatsächlicher Bauraum (Zylindrisch, Höhe 221mm, Radius 80mm) -0.4mm nozzle (Düsendurchmesser) -0.05 min. layer high (kleinste Schichthöhe) -Wall min 0.4mm (min. Wanddicke) PLA info:
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Specialized in prototypes, 3d printing, manufacturing of castings,casting molds from rubber, stamps for (concrete,gypsum and interior paints). We provide full support and advice if necessary for our clients for satisfy their personal needs. The price for the printing is a bit high please excuse us but this is the optimal price for Layer precision X,Y axis 0.0125 mm, Z axis 0.001 mm . And also to have in mind !! FDM process building volume of my printers is 250mm X 250mm X 300mm with 2 print heads . Please send your project for final calculation and price.
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Years of 3d printing experience, Nylon and PLAflex printing experience. Fully upgraded printrbot LC plus. I provide acetone vapor post processing for ABS prints on request. Now: Form-1 high quality prints with free 2K coating for UV protection on request!
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Welcome to 3David's Hub! I print models up to 20x20x20 cm size in the Ultimaker 2
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Which material should I use?

  • Great starter material: affordable, durable and widely available. Mostly used for prototyping mechanical parts and designs that don’t have a lot of overhang. Available in all colors.
  • UV-cured resin prints sport fine details, sharp edges and smooth finish. Color availability is limited, but it is easily paintable and can be semi-translucent.
  • Perfect all-rounder. Easy design rules, strong and slightly flexible. Allows for functional end products and complex designs. Surface is a bit grainy, but can be polished and dyed.
  • Gypsum with colored texture on the surface. The best choice for photo-realistic, full color prints. Ideal for professional models, architecture, product design and fine arts.

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