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Hey guys. So I've been trying a few different ways to create PLA filament infused with hemp fibers and, although I have had a few successful tests, nothing seems to be consistent. I am using PLA MakerBot 2x printers for testing the filament. Grinding the hemp fibers into small particles is not an issue, it is more so the actual process of making the filament where consistency becomes an issue.
I'm having a problem with some of my "sharp"corners. it seems like it is dragging previous layers to the outside?  I can't find any artikel related to this problem. And i have tried pretty much everyting. (lowering acceleration. making sure al bolts are tight.)   The printer is have is a Kossel XL (delta printer) i print at 190° and my bed is at 55°
Hi folks Just a bit of advice for a brand new 3D printer user Bought a CR-10, assembled all OK, but the Y axis limiting switch was DOA.  Doesn't click on/off, and causes all sorts of motor issues when limits don't kick in. I'm sure a replacement will be sent by Banggood...eventualy.  But I don't want to wait a month just to use a brand new printer that should never have been sent without testing.
Hi! I am working on a project where I need to get some rubber-like pieces printed to be part of the sealing system of a bottle (limited edition Olive Oil project for a client). The dimensions of this component are around 20 x 15 x 15 mm. Please let me know if you or someone that you know might be interested on this job. Thanks!
This is general enquiry - not a moaning session - but the work stream (I'm in the UK) seems to have dried up completely (at least from my perspective). I have been assured by 3D Hubs that the new business model (essentially ditching many hubs and taking forward only those that 3D Hubs consider to be viable) which has been implemented in the US has not been rolled out in the UK.
Hi, I just bought a new 3D printer. I wonder if these existing presets are signs that I purchased a used item OR could this be considered part of the company's standard courtesy set up • My Flashforge Finder play "music" instead of beep when the correct print bed height is achieved • Why was there already 3 hours on the clock when I set it up for the first time
I have been printing on my CTC without any issue.  Now it is clicking the whole time and not extruding.  I cleaned the gear and replaced the feeder with a spring tension version. Still same issue. Clicks the whole time and doesn't feed at all.  Any ideas??  I am using ABS.  I even tried preheating the nozzle first before printing just to make sure.  I am using Simplify3D