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could someone give some insight on whats causing this "rippling" on the surface of flat parts? been running my qiditech one for about 5 months with no issue, and this issue pops up every now and then, but i cant figure out what causes it.   It almost looks like a raised ripple pattern.... ive adjusted the layer heights and bed level to no avail.
I bought the MP select mini and have not been able to get the cura software to print to it; tried both direct and exporting a gcode file to a sd card.   from sd card, it heats up, then drips a little media, but doesn't move.   i used the software they sent with it, then i installed and used the latest version of cura.  both with the same results.  
Hi everyone,   I have recently ordered a Prusa i3 mk2 (Still waiting for it to arrive) and we have a Zortrax M200 at work so I was able to gather some experience with 3D Printing.   When my Prusa arrives I want to build up some knowledge about filaments.   Which filament brands would you guys recommend? I have seen that eSun gets good scores and others say that it`s brittle...  
Hello everyone,   I have been working on a project that all of the 3D printer enthusiasts would definitely like! We often face trouble forgetting to place the order once our filament is coming to an end. Well, no more! I have designed ReFILL-ament such that it automatically tracks your filament usage and places the order on your behalf once it is coming to completion!  
The fan for my right extruder (CTC Bizer Dual) had started to run a little slowly so I replaced it. Did all the checks that I had rewired a new one (12V/40mm) properly. It ran ok during preheat and kicked in at 50'c like normal. Changed it to feed in the filament and the fan stopped even when it was over 150'c. Left it to cool down as I didn't want any damage to the stepper motor etc.
I left a print on over night (I made sure the first portion printed fine and the layers were sticking) but when I got back this morning I found this: I tried to pull it off with pliers, but I don't want to break any part of the machine. I was also trying to heat it up to pull it off easier but it didn't seem to be doing much for me. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help in advance.
FDM parts have micro cracks and holes in germs can accumulate. I'm looking for a sealant to make 3D parts easy to clean. Basically making sure the parts have a smooth surface within (micro) cracks and holes. I'm thinking about coating the prints with silicone.   People have experience with silicone coating or other sealants that might work?   BTW the parts are printed with ABS.