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right side severly under extruded
Hey Everyone,   I am a total noob at this, but I thought someone with more experience might be able to point me in the correct direction. I am using a Wanhao Duplicator i3, for the most parts I have been really happy with how my prints have been coming out. A friend asked me to print this Beer tap handle(http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2024662).  
I have an Anet A8 (Prusa i3) the first 2 spools of PLA I bought for it were Gold Camel brand White and Wood colour. everything worked perfect right from the test print. I ordered several spools of PLA from Amazon for about $10 less/spool in blue yellow, red and black. These all are not brand name.  All came packed well and vacuum sealed.....NONE of the prints with these ones has been successful.
Hi everyone! I work for a company which wants to purchase our first 3D printer and expand our manufacturing possibilities. We are based in the Netherlands and produce a variety of products, ranging from small to large size shop displays, signage, LED lighting (and fixtures) to routing solutions (sort of displays). We have the following constraints/wishlist; - Budget up to €10k.
Is it true that no-one at 3dhubs is using an Italian Fabtotum? The latest version is great - no problems with the printing and also allows to swap the head with a milling module. I'm also going to purchase the laser head as soon as it appears on their store. Quality vs cost is one of the best on market, imho. Any thoughts?    
Hi everyone just giving a heads up about the 3D Printing Meetup for January 2017. It will be happening this Thursday Jan 26th start time of 6:30 pm but we have a special location this month, we have been invited to EPL's Makerspace at 10212 Jasper Ave location. As a note space is limited so please RSVP at the meetup site or Hope to see people there!