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Hi, I having trouble getting to the root of this problem. Tried to investigate but since I recently bought the printer and have low experience tampering with it I was hoping maybe someone had a clue what to do. I have a makerbot 5th with the plus extruder. Set on high default settings. I put the fans to 100%. I get theses riples in the print, very visible lines and bounce surface.
wanhao dublicator i3 v2.1
Hello Guys,   i'm quiet new to the 3D-printing. Because of my low budget i bought a Wanhao Dublicator i3 v2.1. Maybe you guys can rate my first prints and tell me what i can improve in the settings or hardware to get a better print quallity. Learned from video's and blog's, but i think the printer can do better.  I appreciate every help.  
could someone give some insight on whats causing this "rippling" on the surface of flat parts? been running my qiditech one for about 5 months with no issue, and this issue pops up every now and then, but i cant figure out what causes it.   It almost looks like a raised ripple pattern.... ive adjusted the layer heights and bed level to no avail.
I bought the MP select mini and have not been able to get the cura software to print to it; tried both direct and exporting a gcode file to a sd card.   from sd card, it heats up, then drips a little media, but doesn't move.   i used the software they sent with it, then i installed and used the latest version of cura.  both with the same results.  
I live in Canada and I'm looking at getting the above mentioned 3D printer, and a bunch of different options are given with which currency to buy it in. For the Canadian dollar its best for me to buy it buy converting to the Czech koruna. Their chat said that its best for me to buy in USD only because of how canadian banks might work., but this would make it cost at least another $100.
  We are selling our fully operational 3D Printing business. With everything you need to take over. Offering:   A very well looked after Objet 30 Prime 3D Printer Software upgrade to dissolvable gel support A full, up and running excellently designed website A good repeat customer base and preferred supplier to UCL Jet washing cabinet Several Vero materials and support  
Just got notice that repeat customers will start to factor into rating. Overall this is a good thing, as a repeat customer is a very strong indication of the level of service provided by the hub.   But the simple fact is - 3DHubs' 12.5% commission is a non-trivial hit to the profitability of the hub. Add to that, some jobs are so small & simple a quick email and cash deal is often smoother.  
I left a print on over night (I made sure the first portion printed fine and the layers were sticking) but when I got back this morning I found this: I tried to pull it off with pliers, but I don't want to break any part of the machine. I was also trying to heat it up to pull it off easier but it didn't seem to be doing much for me. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help in advance.