Full Color Z650 3D Printer
We have a Zcorp Z650 3D Printer in PRISTINE CONDITION for sale - photos here. We have partnered with a 3D Print provider to produce and ship our products so we no longer need our wonderful in-house printer. We're selling it very cheap so we don't have to move it to our new offices and are not looking to make a profit only to get it into the right hands with somebody who'll take good care of it.
Hey Guys,   I have been searching everywhere trying to find an old version of Geomagic print for use with the Projet 1200 (We want to use 3rd party resin as the 3D systems consumable prices are extremely expensive for what you get.) Does anyone have any idea where the file (v1.0) may still be available or does anyone even have the .exe file they could ping over at all?   
Hello fellow Hubs,   I need your expertise.    I'm working on a comparison sheet for designers for several SLA and Multi-jetting materials (machines). I'm especially interested in how they differ in terms of specs and what that means for their application. From that I then try to understand which materials are actually competing with each other and how they should be grouped.  
Hey everyone, my company just ordered a CubePro Duo mainly to create fixtures for inspection and assemblies (I am a manufacturing engineer for a medical device manufacturer). I am going to be the point man for operating the printer and was wondering if anyone had any tips or things I should look out for when I start out with it.
Hello everyone ,  I have recently bought an Artec Eva 3D scanner and a Projet CJP 660pro 3D printer .I am trying to 3d print a human body by scanning it first with Eva and then print it .The problem is that i have made some test and in general th prints look good but the only thing i cant figure it out is the texture , specialy the skin color , i cant get it right .