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Hi!   I am quite new to the 3D-printing world, and would greatly appreciate some help from you guys.    I want to attach a standard guitar potentiometer with bushing mount (3/8"-32) to a 3D-printed part, but I am uncertain what is the best way to proceed with this. Is it possible to model the threads and print them directly, or should I model a tap hole and create the threads manually?   
Hi guys, we just launched the new version of MakePrintable. If you're unfamiliar with it is is an easy to use online STL and 3MF file repair tool. It rebuilds the geometry of your file and slices it should you wish. We're curious as to what kind of feedback you have for us especially on new features such as the hollowing and wall thickness tools.
filament  with nice stone effect
This model was made on a leapfrog  Bolt with different settings and new architectural line from  Treed, . Designed and built in 1867 and redesigned and printed  in 2017 and is 1:20 mtr long http://www.3dscaleworks.nl Started for fun, now lanching own brand  for customized scale models for railwayhobbyists . The whole range of Dutch railwaybuildings can be redesigned and printed on demand.
Malcador Infernus 3D model consists of 23 separate parts. To convert it into 3D printing STL files, the 3D modeler spent about 2 days and created it in Autodesk Maya modeling program. Its 3D printing took about 4 days.  The tank feature its fuel trainer that the tank tows behind. It showcases intricate and incredible outer shell details, all perfectly 3D printable on a desktop 3D printer.
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Hi,I work as 3D modeler preparing objects and figures for 3d printing. Have done many different type of proejects, got experience on object assembly. If you require 3d modeling assistance, please contact I have very razonable prizes.   If you are interested, email me back, we can set a price for model,payments could be by paypal or bank transfer.  Kind regards,David 
3D printed bjd LegrandDoll Dory
Hi, 3D-printing lovers! I know, Christmass is not a good time to introduce something, but I'm so excited about my new doll Dory!   */ She is a fully 3D printed doll, including the hair, wings, shoes and dress. She is 16cm (6’) tall and has articulated neck, chest, shoulder, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. The parts of body are stringed with an elastic. */
Looks basic enough
I have a small part that looks incredibly basic but I'm having an issue trying to print it successfully for a customer. It is a small 2.25" by 2.25" by .5" piece that he wants printed in ABS. Problem is it has a 1/2" long, 1/16" high overhang that goes around a 90-deg corner with a lip that brings the gap down to 1/32", almost like a drip edge.