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  Through all the hickups and perseverances Saenhub  is now the place to be for scalemodeling and printing.Within two years all railway realted building and a lot of other archtecture will be redesigned and fitted for printing on demand on every scale and in every  timeperiod.   Under the name  "BIELZ" the modelworld is now  enriched with historical acurate building for modelplans.  
So I recently attended SolidWorks World, and in one of the presentations, the speaker had these chips with some very interesting surface textures on 3D printed parts. I have attached pictures of a couple of the pieces. Unfortunately, the presenter was not very familiar with the parts, and when asked what was used to impart the texture, his answer was "I'm not really sure, maybe Rhino".  
Hi Everyone,    I'm looking to get some mass-produced parts from overseas, but the vendors seem to only be able to accept files as STP, STEP or IGS files. I'd never even heard of these file types until they mentioned them. So, I have two questions:   1) What exactly are STP, STEP and IGS files that makes them different from STL and OBJ files?   
I am studying a "new" material and am trying to print it, so far I'm just trying to adjust all parameters so I would get a nice line going. Unfortunately right now I don't have access to a Computer that can handle sketchup or so, I tried Tinkercad but cannot write a script in there because, well, I'm not a programmer and Java looks so weird (I can find primes in Python though! :D).  
My 9 year old step son in 4th grade is having a school competition for valentines day boxes.  They need to have a slot accept kids valentines cards / candy, what have you, but, also needs to be creative.  I was thinking of working with him to 3d print a valentines box and have him paint it.  Most of the stuff I found so far, is hearts, etc.  I'd like to find something that suits his interests.
Hi, i have a question. I've got a 3d file to print. The only thing is that on the 3d file i have there is 2 pieces but i need only 1 of the 2 pieces. Is there any way for you to print only the one i need? + i would like some recommendation on the material i should use to print it. It's for a piece of my headset that is currently cracked. I just need the smal piece on the attach file.
Hey guys, trying to find a slicer or solution to print parts that are the right thickness for three perfect layers. Using .8 mm nozzle. Pet G. Simplify 3D changes the direction for the inner and outer shell. The fill goes the same direction as the inner shell, so that is good. I want the outer shell to do that too without a direction change.
Wettbewerb Light Cares rioprinto
Wir haben eine neues Event für dich! Es ist ein Wettbewerb bei dem Du ein 3D Modell entwickelst. Das digitale Modell ist ein anpassbares Aufnahmegestell für sehbehinderte Menschen. Als Preisgeld gibt es insgesamt 3000 Euro! Es ist eine fantastische Möglichkeit deine Ideen in einem Produkt zu realisieren, zusätzlich unterstützt Du sehbehinderte Menschen!  
Hi! I was hoping someone could help me out! I am pretty new to my 3D printer, just got it for Christmas, and and having some problems printing certain files. My printer will print the test files that came loaded on the SD card with it (some cubes and a traffic cone) no problem, however it will not print any other files, either ones I've downloaded or modeled myself.
Looking for motivated individuals who want to make their mark through an employment in the ever evolving 3D Printing Industry.    We are certified and official distributors of FlashForge selling 3D printers, Filaments and its spare parts also a closely knit network of Industrial/Digital Designers, Architects, Traders and Industrialists who have gathered experiences from all around the world.