Hi all,   looking to to get a printer primarily for printing tabletop miniatures. I know the moai is a bit higher in detail, but from what I can understand the Photon can print more miniatures in the same time due to the way the layers cure. Through a little research I’ve also found that Peopoly resins are more available and cost less. What are your guys thoughts on the machines? 
Hello People! I would like to know which printer should i chose. I never had this type of machine but i always wanted one. I would use it only at home. My budget is $1200 max but it would be better around $600 since is only for fun/hobby. Watching some video on YT i found few interesting ones: Cetus3D extended + filaments + shipping = around $550
I'm on the verge of purchasing a 3D printer and I have encountered some problems. It seems that the work or production area of most AIO 3D printer/scanners are relatively small (for my needs at least). Ideally I would like a high quality printer that can produce objects 300m (wide) x 300m (deep) x 400M (high) or have manufacturing capabilities close to that range.
I have a Prusa i3 printer assembled by myself. Of course with a lot of mechanical reinforcement. It is pretty accurate and square. Mostly I print parts from my mechanical design work. It works great with Simply3D!  But now I am looking for a better and bigger printer that can print more complicated parts. I don't print figures or art pieces a lot. Mostly solidworks parts. My questions are: