In my country, 3d printer after tax +vat +vendor profit are expensive. I want 3d printer for my hobby such as tools, figure, toy and parts for my diy. And I think PLA and ABS are main filament to print.   I'm interesting 2 models 1) wanhao duplicator 6 ==> 910 usd pro - spare parted is common - have built in frame (can diy acrylic cover) - rigidity - there are representative sell in country.
I have a Prusa i3 printer assembled by myself. Of course with a lot of mechanical reinforcement. It is pretty accurate and square. Mostly I print parts from my mechanical design work. It works great with Simply3D!  But now I am looking for a better and bigger printer that can print more complicated parts. I don't print figures or art pieces a lot. Mostly solidworks parts. My questions are:
Hi.   I'm going to buy a 3D printer and I'm wondering which type to choose? I found 3 types that is reasonable in price and would be great to hear what you will recomend. Feel free to sugest other types as well even if the price is higher than the one I have chosen.  
Hi Everyone,  I am looking for a double extruder 3D printer to purchase for my work. We are looking for high quality prints, easily/cheaply replaceable materials. The prints don't have to be fast (I've heard UM3 is very slow) but it's always a plus if it doesn't compromise build quality.  From my research my short list is: */ UltraMaker 3 Extended Raise 3D N2 Plus BCN3D Sigma R17