Hello i am an orthopaedic in india and want to start a centre for scanning broken limbs and designing 3d cast. I have no prior experience on designing, so wish to start on a small budget around 3000$ for scanner and software. Kindly help me buying one which will suit my need and also i will be happy in buying a second hand or refurbished product if anyone interested in selling
Looking to sell Pre-Owned Artec Eva 3D Scanner (Full color versions) Original MSRP $19800.   Lightly Used/ Mint Condition  Asking $15,500   Comes with Pelican hard case (which it will ship in) Necessary cords to run scanner   Please message me for more details. email is visimagingusa (at) gmail (dot) com   Thank you for your time.
Hello, I have had unsatisfying results from having objects 3D scanned.  My goal is to have a few 12" action figures (1:6 scale) scanned and turned into 3D solid models so that I can custom-design armor, weapons and other accessories directly from the figures' actual topography.
Hi all, I do have a Einscan-SE and do want to convert it to a SP version. The hardware is the same, it is only software specific. Right know i have decrypted the license files and also patched some code in the software. I would need help to get this working. Is anyone here with a SP to help me out? Would need the ini directory and some other files. -eychei
Every scanner that i know outputs a picaso painting jpg, along with a cad model -there is no order in the texture. Do any of you guys know of a scanner that outputs a straight forward 2d uv map of the scanned model ? Or do you know a fast way to make it so?
How 3D Printing was used to make the Oscars The 3D Printing Industry Awards is our answer to the Oscars. In preparation for our annual celebration of 3D printing, we take a look at how the most famous accolade in film was made using 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques. movie: How was made oscar award by 3dscanner & 3dprinter sorce: 3dpe.ir
I'm assuming plastic is most affordable?
Hi, I'm wanting to get a few items scanned to make 1/12 models of them. One is a motocross boot. I simply have no idea of what this would cost, thus feasibility. I have attached a photo of a boot that is similar to what I have with dimensions. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the United States. Thank you! 
Hello to all and thanks in advance for help; hope to be able to help others in the future.  Question:  I would like to scan an object either with my Fuel3D scanner or NextEngine and use the scan as a tool or worksurface.  In other words, instead of using my scan to directly develop an object, I want to use it to create surface I can add to other geometry to create a final product, possible merging