Extruder and platform  not getting hot and fan not coming on. I have replace ribbon cable. I have replaced extruder.  I have tested extruder in my 400 and it works fine. Afinia Tech support says I have to send in the entire printer instead of sending in a circuit board any help would be appreciated.
I have a Afinia 3D H400 printer.  I can connect and print using the usb connection but when I try to use the software to find it using Wifi I get a message printer not found.  The printer is set up on my work wifi network, and shows to be connected.  I can ping the printer with no problem.  Any idea's on what the issue might be.  We are behind a firewall but I checked with the department and they
I want a simple to use printer.  Don't want to build a kit.  Like the Da Vinci build volume but feel the Afinia might be easier to use.  Read all the reviews and still can't make a decision.  Have a budget limit of about $1000 give or take.  Mainly plan to use it to build Model Railroad details.   Like the CEL Robox but can't find it at Amazon and a hit over the budget.  
Hey All,   I've been running the Afinia H800 professionally for a few months now but I haven't seen much out there regarding other user's experiences.  Anyone out there care to comment on there experience?  I've put together a review for those who have had there eye on the printer but yet to pull the trigger on a purchase: http://www.difi3d.com/blog/2016/2/23/afinia-h800up-box-3d-printer-review