I'm looking for assistance with replacement parts for a Dremel Idea Builder (3D20). Let me preface this by saying that if I had my way, I'd throw the thing out and buy a different printer. I work at a uni, and I support another unit that uses this model, so I don't have that option, unfortunately.
I am running a Dremel 3d20 with about 600 hours. This is my first printer, and I had some early sucesses but lately, it jams after about an hour of printing. I have had the most luck with settings, slowing everything way down, but I don't know what else to try.  It's properly leveled, not dragging, and I preheat before the print. Could something be wrong with the extruded nozzle?
Hi,I'm a total beginner when it comes to 3D printing and my first problem is that Dremel 3D software or Craftware/Craftprint don't detect my 3D printer at all. I somehow was able to print one model with USB-connection using the Dremel's own software (Dremel 3D) but after that it says "Connection Fail". The printer has some models in it as default and it prints well.
hey guys, I've only had my printer a few weeks. The first few prints were great but after about 30 hours of printing, I have been getting jams. The printer seems to jam up after about 30 min into the print and I have to stop, take off the fan and remove the filiment with pliers.  
Leider hab ich dasselbe Problem wie mach andere. Absturz beim Laden einer Druckdatei über USB. Seither funktioniert weder USB noch Touchscreen. Beim Laden eines Druckes startet der Drucker neu. Dasselbe wenn ich die Einstellungen auf dem Touchscreen antippe. Das Gerät ist ca 3 Monate alt und hat die Seriennummer 00000960. Produktionsdatum 15/05. Wie bringe ich das Gerät wieder zum drucken?
I've got a model that I'm trying to print, and it keeps shifting to the back every 5-10 layers. I've re-sliced it (and repositioned on the build platform) with similar results. Tried 3 times now. Other models (like the sample ones built-in) print fine. I've printed this model on Makerbot Replicator 2X before, the geometry is fine.