Hi Guys,   Finally got my v3 built and all working great but is there any way to increase the extrusion speed? Or any ideas how I decrease the space between the printed lines on parts? There are visible gaps in the print where the plastic comes out but doesn't get printed close enough to the last bit so it leaves gaps especially in corners or at edges.  
I've finally managed to get the print to stick to the base.  My problem now is that it would seem that the plastic is not feeding through consistently resulting in no plastic being laid down at parts.  I've pulled some plastic through from the wheel and the plastic then resumes extrusion but because nothing was laid down in earlier passes there is nothing for the new layers to sit on.
I’m experiencing an issue when when doing the self test the Y axis will move up a little them beep, if I go into the software I can move the Y axis up without issue but it wont move down. If I plug the controller chip into the test board and try it moves up and down without any issue, Also if I swap the driver cables with any of the other axis’s they all have a similar issue in the Y axis socket.
Hello Every one.   Have bought 3D printer Eaglemoss. But cant to start something to print. Green libht button wokking. But when I press in V3-3D- Create and Print. But when press button Slice printer doing nothing all stay. No working. How to start?   I first time with 3D pronting but something or wrong or I dont understand.   Help Please!!!   Thank You   Email-alexanipko@mail.ru
hi i really need your help. i bought all 90 issues built the printer followed the instructions to the letter and the printer is almost impossible to connect to my laptop. i know its not my laptop as all my drivers are up to date and its a some what powerful laptop. as the printer installs its drivers to my laptop something goes wrong and i get a device error message.
anyone having problems getting in touch with tech support i have been emailing since 4th october to date every day and still doing so over a problem  with the heater pad packing up after two heats there was a problem with the extruder cooling fan being lower than the nozzle limit switch being under limit extruder tube snapping in two from filament inlet to nozzle