Discounted brand new filament in different colors for sale! We have a 3D printing service business and we had a need for many colors last year. Now, we are mainly printing in basic colors and want to offload some of our inventory. We bought these, never opened, ABS & PLA 1KG spools and they are brand new. Selling at $13/spool. **Normal price is $22-25 per roll!!**
Comes with 1 TAZ 6, 1 Flexystruder, 1 Dualstruder, and the original extruder. It also comes with all original cables and the lulzbot toolkit. Extra filament will also be included: Protopasta Magnetic Iron PLA, Ninjaflex, Taulman Tbridge, Colorfabb, copolyester, Polylite PLA, eSun PVA, Inland PLA, and Inland ABS. Comes with original packaging. Does not include an SD card.
Glow forge is the Pro model with the 45 watt upgraded co2 laser tube, cooling system and optics for faster speeds and better cuts. I purchased this brand new and I would estimate it has just under one hour of use! It really is just like brand new. The only reason I'm selling is because I took delivery of two additional lasers a week after I accepted delivery of this one.
£750 ono im selling my Leapfrog creatr hs dual extruder. It has been used but very well looked after.  It is the fastest fdm printer in its class and also one of the biggest with a build volume of 25x27x18cm There is a slight dent in the side where they shipped it back to me after an update however still fully functional.   based in leicester  Contact me for more info 07895920710
Hi there, because of other priorities we are selling our form2 printer.   The printer is in good shape and has several attributes. 3x new lt tanks, in use: 5 regular tanks and one lt tank +-10 open resin tanks and one or 2 new resin tanks.  3x in use build platforms. +Cleaning kit   We are asking 2500 euro and ship only within Europe, pickup is in the Netherlands.  
LOCAL TO HAGERSTOWN, MARLAND $60 SHIPPING COST (CAN PICK UP FOR FREE) LOWEST PRICE I CAN OFFER, If not sold by May 31, 2018 This item will be taken off of listing.  This 3D printer Is a Barely Used Kit that is completely tested and Assembled. READY TO PRINT. Included in the Pictures is a Benchmark Print test to show printer capability. Benchmark print made 1/14/18, out of ABS.