Hi everyone! I'm printing a biomedical chip that needs to be autoclavable. Autoclave conditions are: 121 deg. celcius, 100 kPa, 15 minutes. I have tried printing using polycarbonate filament but it didn't survive the first autoclave trial. PC filament was supposedly autoclavable because its Tg is 147 deg. celcius but the chip came out deformed and bent.
Hello All, I have gone through the manual and scoured the internet on changing the extruder temp besides the preset ABS or PLA.I have seen multiple places including the Monoprice site the extruder max temp, though nowhere on how to adjust.I'm trying to run some PETG & I see running around 260c should be perfect, which is max temp.Any help would be greatly Appreciated! Thanks,
FDM Printed with High Temp TPU
I thought I would share a video on a new polymer we are printing with and share our version of Marvin. The polymer is a high temperature resistant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The base polymer can withstand 150 degrees c for 3000+ hours.   So we printed a flexible Marvin,   Then squished him, boiled him and hit him with a hammer, and still he remained cool calm and casual.