Printer after building.
I got an email today with the tracking number for the shipment of my printer. An hour later UPS was here with the printer. <sarcasm_mode>Now that's quick service.</sarcasm_mode>   It took about half an hour to put together. Here's a picture of it:   It has some issues. I didn't expect perfect for $79 (I bought the developer version). So, let's get to it... Wiring is a bit of a pain:
Tilescape™ is a 3D printable terrain system that is designed for any types of miniatures from 28mm up to 32mm heroic-sized. We have already unlocked 8 stretch goals! If anyone is interested we do have 3 early bird pledge levels left, the wont last more than a few more hours most likely.    
Hey guys! Have you seen the latest 3D printer on kick starter? Seems pretty legit. What do you guys think?  Has lots of awesome features. Also releasing a new smartphone app that will work with all OctoPrint enabled printers. 
Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know about this great Kickstarter for 3D printable STL files for Modular Sci Fi terrain. We've already unlocked the fence set and the destroyed / ruined versions of the buildings. [img]
Hello Everyone, If your in the market for a well priced Resin 3D printer, check this project out.   Disclaimer, I'm a backer, there are risks with funding kickstarter projects. But if your a regular kickstarter backer you already know the drill.
Hi all,    Just wanted to share a project that many of you 3D printing enthusiasts might find valuable! DesktopHero is a (free) web app that lets you customize/personalize your own gaming characters, then save them to a 3D printable file. It's been successfully funded on Kickstarter already, and is in the final week shooting for stretch goals.   
  The Infinity-Box is a new accessory for 3D Printers to simplify the entire 3D Printing experience. With the Infinity-Box, 3D Printing becomes as simple as pressing a button. It has a database of STL files and they software side is completely automated. Check the link below for more info!  
Its been almost 2 years since the Kickstarter Campaign for the Flux Printer was launched. We jumped in the bandwagon and received our very own Printer about 1.5 month ago.   This had been an exciting time and we really love working with this printer. In the Posts below feel free to exchange thoughts, issues and experience with your very own Flux Printer as we would love to hear about them.  
We're excited to announce the launch of the Reflow Filament Kickstarter Campaign. Reflow filament is made from recycled PET plastic bottles collected in developing regions. We give makers everywhere the opportunity to print with socially responsible 3D print filament, without having to compromise on price or quality. Profits are used to improve the lives of waste collectors all around the world.