Hi! For my graduation project I am looking for a special 3D printer. For the production of a large installation I especially need a wide x and y axis. Anything from 1 meter x 1 meter is interesting to me. In height I am only printing a few millimeters. I already found a Big Rep in the Netherlands, and 10XL. But they mostly have no time available on their machines.
Hello guys    I have two model boats I’d like to print one at 1.05m in length and the other at 70cm. I’m completely new to 3d printing and would like some help to print this model in sections and join it all together.   I’m looking for a good quality method but at a resonable cost. I have no knowledge of 3d printing so any information and guidance would be appreciated.   Thanks for your time guys
This is my first foray into 3-D printing and I would appreciate some insight on if there is any way to make my model design better in any way. After many unsuccessful attempts and wasting a couple hundred dollars trying to replicate and hollow my original hand-made clay design using silicone and resin casting, I am kind of at the end of my rope for patience. I have decided to try out 3-D printing
So it looks like we are moving in a new direction t our shop and we might be looking at getting rid of our beloved DeltaWasp 40/70. This is a phenomenal machine that is lights out and very consistent.  Definitely my favorite machine in our shop!  We just purchased their new spitfire extruder as well as an upgrade for the machine.  This might be one of the only one of these actually in USA...