Hello. I just bought a PROJET 4500 but I am missing the software to control it. On the manual it`s written it needs 3DPRINT ver.  1.04, but I cannot find it on the Support page of 3D SYSTEMS. I tried with 3DPRINT 1.03 but it doesn`t recognize the printer.   Anyone can upload or send me the ver. 1.04?   I thank you in advance.   Gio
Hello   I'm planning to get a new 3D printer for our company (modelling services for entrepreneurs). I've come across this ProJet printer. Could anyone explain what are the differences between those two models? would I be getting the same performance for ProJet 2500 + upgrade kit comparing to ProJet 2500 Plus? please advise  
Full Color Z650 3D Printer
We have a Zcorp Z650 3D Printer in PRISTINE CONDITION for sale - photos here. We have partnered with a 3D Print provider to produce and ship our products so we no longer need our wonderful in-house printer. We're selling it very cheap so we don't have to move it to our new offices and are not looking to make a profit only to get it into the right hands with somebody who'll take good care of it.
Hey Guys,   I have been searching everywhere trying to find an old version of Geomagic print for use with the Projet 1200 (We want to use 3rd party resin as the 3D systems consumable prices are extremely expensive for what you get.) Does anyone have any idea where the file (v1.0) may still be available or does anyone even have the .exe file they could ping over at all?   
I am looking for the meaning of a couple of error codes thrown on a projet 460.  After a while of sitting idle, it will reportSMX error (error 71100:41)  and require rebooting :-( I cannot find any info on this one.    After finishing a test print, it reported System error 3202I found  a reference to this as a "Monitor Thread Took Too Long" but I am unsure if it is the same.    thanks, kenny
I've been having some issues with prints done on my 660. Brown colours come out very green. That's it though, all other colours come out just fine. So far I've changed all print heads except black, purged and aligned them, and cleaned the pogo pins. I perform the regular maintenance suggested by the user guide after every print, (clean parking caps, service station, and fast axis rails)   
Hi All, Searching all around for a company to print an object, about 3.6 ✕ 4.8 ✕ 18.8 cm, a scale model with many small detail features. I can tell the Projet captured most of the details, but still, not a 100%. I heard the Projet 3500 can achieve better resolution then the 7000. can anyone confirm that? any thoughts about printing methods?
Hi community,   I have a 2 year old 3dsystems Projet 660Pro that we are selling. We are located in The Netherlands. Its a fabulous machine and makes a perfect choice for a company wanting to step up in efficiency or production or for for those experienced as a secondary or backup system to their already established systems.   We are selling it as we are re location internationally.