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Hello everyone,   For a project I am doing, I want to use brass inserts of M2 or smaller, but I can only find M3 and bigger (e.g. rs-components). I need the inserts quick, due to the deadline of the project, so preferably I want to get the components in the Netherlands (or at least Europe).   Thanks in advance for your help!   Jesse
Stijn here from 3D Hubs. As some of you already know we are working on a knowledge base: An extensive 3D printing resource for professionals.    One article we are working on, written by a hub, discusses the key 3D printing technology (FDM, SLA, SLS, Polyjet) selection- and design considerations for clearance, transitional & interference push-fits.   
Last week I asked you to list some good visual prototyping questions and received some insightful responses. I'd like to expand a bit upon that thread and figure out what the common research questions are for four prototyping stages:    Proof of principle prototypes: To test technical aspects of the product before investing in a more functional version​
The RZR MKR™ competition has been awesome and we’ve seen some amazing 3D printed razor handles created by people all over the country.  We’re delighted to announce the winning designs that will be on display in the RZR MKR™ shop in BOXPARK, Shoreditch the 9th – 14th of August.  We hope you and your friends will come to the shop to design, personalise and 3D print your own razor handle!  
Hi, 3DHubs! Lately, we've been working on this new PLA that mimics high-performance materials (e.g. Ultem) when it comes to strength, but it's a lot easier to work with. It's possible to apply on many more printers, therefore doesn't require any expensive industrial devices to begin with.
Hi guys   I'm new to 3d printing and would like to begin printing personalised tennis dampeners (rubber like object that sits between the tennis string of a tennis racket to reduce vibration).   What machine and filament would be the best to use? Please remember I am new to this and would like to keep costs low initially so i can test the concept.   Thanks in advance for your help.   Fabio
I am looking for someone who is willing to sit down with me and discuss a prototype design and possibilities. It would involve an NDA. I am clueless about cost, materials or options. We are a new company with a product that is in process of being patented. The product is a very simple design. It would involve very little design work.