Hi. I have a Prusai3 and was wondering what is the correct settings for Slic3r support materials. Every time I print something that has a bit of height e.g. an easter egg, a pony, dragon the filament seems to just drop off. I noticed that my printer is not generating " support materials" to help keep the filament in place especially when there's an over hang in the design.
PLA on Prusa
I've included 3 pictures. After printing 17 mm or so correctly, something happened to cause this print to fail. It looks like the whole print is getting shifted a few centimeters to the right and forward, then it prints a few layers, and the print shifts again.   I'd appreciate any help in understanding this error. Thanks in advance.
I am in the middle of setting up my very first 3d printer(a pursa i3 mk 2 i think), I have no real idea what I am doing, and I followed the instructions exactly but whenever I try to home any of the axes it goes the opposite direction and continues to hit the wall and on top of all of that the z-axis won't move at all.
My prusai3, clone, does not reach its preset temp when starting up along with the bed. If I set the extruder to, say 250, and not turn on the bed heater, it works fine. If, however, I have them both turned on, the bed reaches the set temp but the extruder can’t get to its temp. If set to 250, it might get to only 235. The bed will reach its preset.
I have a strange issue with an Alunar m508 DIY kit I just received. If you have any ideas, It would be greatly appreciated.    Here are a few scenarios.   Scenario 1 1. Turn on printer 2. Autohome and preheat (X Y and Z Axis all work as expected) 3. Start print (USB) 4. Starts the print as expected.  5. X Axis stops accepting commands and can be moved as though the stepper is disabled.