Hi everyone, for the last couple of months I had a problem configuring my Mk2 after moving it and not using for a long time due to some family tragedy. Yesterday I finaly got it printing with acceptable quality (did the configuration square from the "Z adjust my way" thread and the print came out perfectly in every way. After that I ran the Adalinda print I got with my printer.
Hi everybody, i want to buy a new 3d printer basically to have dual extruder support to let me print with the support material, i was about to buy a flashforge creator pro (now i have a makerbot replicator 2) but then i saw the Multimaterial upgrade for the Prusa and i am very curious about the possibility to print 3 color and a support!
Hello, I work in the IT department of a high school, and a new proposal for a makerspace has come up. I have been asked to select which printers the school will be purchasing come the fall. We're looking for two or three different printers. I'm partial to the Prusa i3 MK2 for at least one of them, as it is a great value and has plenty of features that prevent it from destroying itself.  
Hi everyone. I just got my Prusa last week and only managed to assemble it yesterday. I did 2 prints (Prusa logo and Pug Buddy) and I'm pretty happy with how it went. No issues with assembly or the calibration, the only issue was with the PINDA probe height (which was set too high) but I managed to get it working while adjusting Live Z by -0,750 mm.
Abs print on the mk2 ( not mk2s)
Hey everyone, I have an original Prusa i3 mk2, I have had it since June 27, 2016. It has been printing perfectly until now. Now I have weird layers showing on my models. They only happen on 200-300 microns, but 100 microns is perfect. Also, it happens with both PLA, and Abs. I have tried using curs rather than s3d, and it still happens.
background - purchased an Anet A8 from the"factory"  - within a week - the SD card slot failed. I had never been able to connect it via USB and Repetier ( using 21inch  2011 Apple iMac running current and  updated Sierra 10.12.4)  After  being refused a free replacement -  the attitude changed when I advised a PP case would  follow.   After another 2 weeks I got it.
I live in Canada and I'm looking at getting the above mentioned 3D printer, and a bunch of different options are given with which currency to buy it in. For the Canadian dollar its best for me to buy it buy converting to the Czech koruna. Their chat said that its best for me to buy in USD only because of how canadian banks might work., but this would make it cost at least another $100.
Hi everyone,   I have recently ordered a Prusa i3 mk2 (Still waiting for it to arrive) and we have a Zortrax M200 at work so I was able to gather some experience with 3D Printing.   When my Prusa arrives I want to build up some knowledge about filaments.   Which filament brands would you guys recommend? I have seen that eSun gets good scores and others say that it`s brittle...