Just purchased this machine, which I though was an Anet A8, The auto leveller does not seem to work on the aluminium heated bed but if I put a piece of aluminium cooking foil under it the sensor lights up.  Don't understand the myriad of confusing advice given on the internet.  Neither does my son who is an IT Technician, albeit not in 3D printers.  I don't understand why it would read one but not
veryone just letting everyone know that the monthly 3D printing meetup here in Edmonton Alberta (YEG) is tonight thursday march 23rd starting at 6:30 pm downtown at the startup Edmonton building (301, 10359 - 104 Street) No events tonight at Rogers place to theres free parking along any street after 6 pm (1800)  
Raft settings I used in Simplify3D
Hello! This is a solution that I'd like to share with you all as it may come in useful sometime, I call it the "Paper Raft", it certainly worked out for me after I had some adhesion issues with a particular model that didn't have much of a surface area and also required a lot of support material, "The Ultracortex EEG Headset".
How to make a nice aluminum etching at home or in a small workshop. Full guidance from Endurance. We are often asked the same question, and whether it is possible to make an engraving with a laser L-Cheapo on metal, such as aluminum. Is it even possible to make engraving on metal in the home? Today, we will answer this question.
3d printers are quite dumb as far as electronics go in the sense that there is a lot going on during a print which is assumed by the electronics.   99% of the time the electronics are assuming incorrectly.   If you want better prints, tune your printer to your filament.   
I have spent the past 2 weeks playing with Filamentive exotic Carbon Fiber and Woodfil filaments and I wanted to share my results on here. I want to talk about their Carbon Fiber filament because I have had a few questions on some of the prints I have posted on social media, more specially the CF skull that I polished.    
A while back I got a Proto Pasta polishing kit to review and finally got around to not only reviewing it but showing how well it can work! I highly recommend just having the polishing paper kit as you can get some amazing finishes with JUST the paper. In the future I am going to work on reviewing the polishing compound included.    Polishing kits overview    Polishing paper "how to" 
Hello, EnduranceRobots.com made a video lesson how to make gcode for engraving using inkscape     Some samples you can download from our web site: http://endurancerobots.com/products/laser-cutters-accessory/gcode-sample...   Can be used for WanHao     and for any DIY engraving machine    
  Kylo Ren modeling tutorial using Autodesk Maya.  I've prepared it for 3D printing using Makeprintable which prepares an Obj or Stl file for 3D printing. It ensured that my first print was successful. I've printed on a flash forge FDM printer and then colored in the mask using a marker  
Hi guys,  So many times I'm looking for a good tutorial or any other help, I'm not perfect yet in my 3d adventure but I'm trying hehe :) Got myself a Zmorph and there is stuff that helps with the printer a lot: https://zmorph3d.com/tutorials/  - especially the scanner and CNC Pro :) by the way they have just published this: